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screenshot of StatusBuddy

New StatusBuddy

Keep track of Apple’s developer and consumer system statuses right in your menu bar. StatusBuddy is a simple app that […]

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Command Line
screenshot of Poes

New Poes

A Swift command-line tool to easily send push notifications to the iOS simulator Poes helps you with: ¬†Generating a JSON […]

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screenshot of Parchment

New Parchment

A paging view controller with a highly customizable menu ‚ú® Parchment lets you page between view controllers while showing any […]

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Backend Services
screenshot of Baasbox


Siamo la Digital Experience House che aiuta i veri innovatori a lanciare sul mercato il proprio business digitale, sviluppando app […]

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Networking and APIs
screenshot of Quickblox


Quickblox ready-to-go modules add new functionality such as video calling, instant messaging and push notifications. It reduces development time & […]

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screenshot of UXCam


A platform for capturing and visualising user behaviour data from your iOS apps. UXCam provides a drop-in framework that gives you insight into user behaviour by capturing screen and camera recordings, physical interactions such as touch points and gestures and traditional engagement data such as views, sessions, retention and crash reports. All the data can be viewed in the UXCam web app with various visualisation tools such as navigation flows and heat maps. There are various price plans available including a free tier for developers. […]

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