By Smita Jain |

Wins is a Brand-new window manager for the macOS, offering many unique and cool features.

It developed with Apple’s design philosophy, bringing system-level window arrangement features to the macOS.

Why you will like it:

  • Dock Window Preview. Now you can directly preview all windows of an app you opened, when you move your cursor to Dock.
  • Hide other windows with shortcut key. You can also achieve itusing keyboard shortcuts.
  • Move to another display. Quickly move the window to another monitor.
  • Hide All Windows. One shortcut to hide all windows, and the world becomes clean.
  • Great Animations. Wins provides great animations. I believe that animations are the soul of software.
  • High Efficiency. Memory usage is less than 30MB, CPU usage is less than 10% and in most cases it about 0.1%.
  • Apple Silicon. Native Support for Apple Silicon and Intel Chips, Compatible with the latest macOS.