By Smita Jain |

An unmissable tool for you to add to your workflow and build apps faster with Xcode.

Recommended by Apple as Essential Apps for Developers and built based on 10+ years of app development experience, this is a must-have developer tool for Swift developers.

Countless tools help you optimize your workflow:

  • a User Defaults Editor.
  • Location Simulation.
  • Push Notification Tester.
  • Deeplinks executor.
  • Simulator Airplane Mode.
  • Recordings with touches, audio & bezels.
  • Accessibility testing.

Why you will like it:

  • Repetitive tasks simplified and optimized.
  • RocketSim’s tools are always available in a window right next to the Simulator.
  • Your apps, your actions: configure locations, push notifications, and more specific to your app.
  • Pixel-perfect designs become a reality using grids, rulers, a magnifier, and a unique design comparison tool right on top of your Simulator.