Control your externals display brightness/contrast & volume with MonitorControl.

You could go to your monitor’s settings or dim brightness in the settings, but having one quick access control in your menu-bar makes life a little easier.

Why you will like it:

  • Shows native OSD for brightness and volume.
  • Supports multiple protocols to adjust brightness: DDC for external displays (brightness, contrast, volume), native Apple protocol for Apple and built-in displays, Gamma table control for software dimming, shade control for AirPlay, Sidecar and Display Link devices and other virtual screens.
  • Seamlessly combined hardware and software dimming extends dimming beyond the minimum brightness available on your display.
  • Sync up all your displays using a single slider or keyboard shortcuts.
  • Allows dimming to full black.
  • Simple, unobtrusive UI to blend in to the general aesthetics of macOS