Spot the differences in text and image files, or even folders full of files. Review changes in seconds, with the world’s most powerful file comparison and merge app.

Recent additions include the ability to inspect the Git History of a file, enabling you to compare any two revisions in detail, and Git Context information for merge conflicts.

Kaleidoscope is an essential tool for every developer working on a Mac. It enables you to spot differences in code and image assets, helps resolve merge conflicts, facilitates code reviews, and even assists in debugging your Xcode projects. For a comprehensive introduction to its features, check out the YouTube video:

Why you will like it:

  • Gorgeous native macOS app..
  • Syntax Coloring for many languages.
  • Smooth integration with macOS.
  • Works with Git, Xcode, JetBrains IDEs, etc.
  • Enhances your productivity.
  • Lets you elegantly review changesets.