By Smita Jain |

Codye is a code snippet tool built for the day to day. If you are showing code outside of your IDE, Codye is there to help.

It can highlight code in more than 100 programming languages and comes with 100+ built-in themes, plus the ability to create your own. You can then export to PNG, JPG, HTML, and even RTF for some impressive Keynote presentations.

Why you will like it:

  • It is always ready to go thanks to being a native macOS App.
  • It has keyboard shortcuts to navigate the app and customise your code.
  • It allows creation and import of custom themes with a visual editor.
  • It saves presets so you can get to a certain theme, background and window presentation.
  • It can be automated thanks to its macOS Shortcuts integration. This means opening the door for CLIs, Raycast automations and much more.