By Smita Jain |

Arkana helps you store your keys and secrets away from your source code, obfuscating them in your app’s binary. This tool uses code generation to provide your app with its secrets. Secrets are fetched from env vars during Arkana runtime (not your app’s runtime), encoded, and source code is generated for them. During your app’s runtime, the encoded values are decoded so your app can use them.

Why you will like it:

  • Don’t let your secrets be published in plain text in your app’s binary anymore!
  • You are free to open-source your apps. Your app’s secrets will be stored in your CI’s env vars, and not in your source code anymore.
  • Works with Swift Package Manager, CocoaPods, and local CocoaPods (aka Development Pods), including a combination of all 3 simultaneously.
  • Supports modularized projects, monorepo archs and has a lean setup for multiple environments (e.g., dev, staging, production).