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A set of 306 pixel perfect crafted icons optimised for iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and BlackBerry 10. Each icon is provided with a version designed specifically for each platform, including traditional iOS and a lighter iOS 7 style. Subway icons are also provided in several useful formats and resolutions including non-retina, @2x and @3x in PNG, SVG, PDF, Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch. Subway is a great collection of free icons provided under a creative commons licence.

Other Similar Tools


A Mac app that gives you quick access to all the icons you could need. IconJar is a complete icon organiser that lets you browse and search for thousands of vector icons. You can preview any icon before dragging and dropping into any application or exporting using one of the built-in or custom presets. Icons can be imported in a number of different formats, but the best way to find new icons is to browse the more than 40,000 compatible icon sets at IconFinder.

App Icon Generator

A simple Mac app that lets you generate app icons in milliseconds for iOS, watchOS, iMessage Apps, macOS and more. You just drag your app icon image into App Icon Generator, choose the devices that you would like to export for, and click export. All of your icons are then exported into a folder, named by size and automatically converted to PNG ready for use.

Screenshot Creator

A simple Mac app for creating good looking App Store screenshots. Screenshot Creator lets you drag in the screenshots taken on your simulator or device and it will resize and frame them in the most suitable iOS device. You can then add captions, rearrange the layout, adjust the backgrounds, change the fonts and more. When you’re ready to export, it will batch export all of them into the optimum sizes for display on the AppStore including the correct device for each resolution. Screenshot Creator supports all devices from iPhone 5 up to iPhone X, iPad and iPad Pro in all colours.


A set of nearly 2,500 premium icons across 22 different categories. Swifticons includes each icon in 6 different styles (including outlined, filled, and coloured) and is downloadable as a scalable image in a number of different formats including Sketch, Illustrator, and SVG. You can get access to the complete set for a one-off price that includes free life-time updates. You can also use Swifticons with the handy IconJar app for Mac to get quick access to whatever icon you need.


A pair of tools for creating App Store screenshots and device mockups. AppLaunchpad provides over 1000 free professional looking pre-made device mockup templates ready for you to drop in your screenshots. You can then customise with background colours, text styles and colours. Some templates also have placeholders for company logos or app icons. The Screenshot builder lets you select from dozens of predesigned templates and devices for iOS and Android to create trendy looking App Store and Google Play images.


A collection of over half a million high quality free and premium icons created by over 200 designers. Iconscout provides icons in a number of different styles, sizes and format including PNG and scalable SVG, which you can search for by tag or colour using the picker or a hex code. You can also make use of the Icondrop plugin for Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator which gives you instant drag and drop access to the entire catalogue right inside your favourite design app.


A set of 49 handcrafted iPhone 7 Plus device images. Hero includes all device colours including the new Product Red and a custom white (which I definitely what Apple to make a reality now!). Each mockup is available as well organised Photoshop or Sketch files, and makes use of smart objects and separated background and shadow elements so they're easy to customise. Each of the 7 device colours is presented at 7 different angles and orientations making Hero ideal for creating great looking App Store screenshots and marketing images.

App Iconizer

A super simple online tool for generating app icon images iOS and Android. App Iconizer lets you drag in a square image up to 1024 pixels and 10MB, and it'll convert the image to a folder of PNGs ready to be used in your app. You can download the icons for iOS or Android (round or square). That's it! Quick, simple and free.

Screenshot Designer

A Mac app for quickly creating good looking App Store screenshots. Screenshot Designer lets you choose from over 130 ready to use templates for iPhone, iPad and Mac, which you can customise with your own images and text. There are options to tweak the device image including model, scale, and shadow, and change the text to use a custom font, colour, position, and shadow. Once you've got your screenshots looking just right, they can be exported as PNGs ready to be uploaded to iTunes Connect.

Diverse UI

A free set of user images that can be used in any personal or commercial projects. Diverse UI solves the problem of finding user images for your mockups and marketing by providing you with images that more accurately represent the diversity of your user base. You can download images in any size from 32px to 180px square and pick from neutral, female or male. They have also recently added a Sketch plugin that lets you quickly add diverse user images to your designs without having to leave Sketch.


An online service for generating customised, annotated and localised screenshots for the App Store and Play Store. appure lets you select your platform, add multiple screens, choose between 16 built-in fonts, customise shadows, device position and more. You can also add custom fonts to style your annotations for unique looking screenshots, and configure your annotations in 28 available languages. Once finished, you can export your screenshots in the right format ready to be uploaded straight to iTunes Connect.

Icon Slate

A macOS app for composing, importing and exporting icons in many formats for desktop and mobile. Icon Slate supports multiple icon formats including iOS, Apple Watch, Android, macOS, and more. Once you've imported your icons, you can customise sizes and filenames to use for each format, save format configurations, optimise PNGs, and drag and drop one or several images to compose your icon. You can also preview the icons in various layouts including the iOS home screen and Apple Watch.


A swift library that adds support for SVG images to iOS and Mac apps. Snowflake supports a number of SVG features including paths, circles, lines, rects, and more, converting each of them into native UIBezierPaths and CALayers. As with SVGs, the loaded shape data is infinitely scalable without losing detail making it perfect for resolution independent in app graphics. The great thing about using CALayers is that you can add animations to any SVG element to bring your images to life.


A Mac app for creating great looking app presentation images and PDFs. Vernissage provides a number of vector device images including iPhone, iPad, Android and desktop, to which you can add screenshots, backgrounds, titles and text, with customisable fonts, colours and blur effects. You can then export the images at any size or predefined sizes ready to be uploaded to the App Store. Vernissage is ideal for creating and sharing professional looking App Store screenshots or screen overview matrix sheets for technical specifications or documentation.


A Swift library that makes working with icon fonts on iOS easy and effortless. Iconic auto generates Objective-C compatible, strongly typed Swift code allowing the integration of vector icons as image or text. Using custom icon fonts mean you can create tinted resolution independent images that work on all display scales. Once generated you can use the font directly or rasterise icons as UIImage objects. Iconic also creates an I con font catalog that you can use as a visual reference about all the icons you have available.


A premium icon set of over 8,000 icons for personal or commercial use. Nucleo consists of four sets, mini icons, outline icons, glyph icons and coloured icons, each containing over 1,500 individual icons. There is also a Mac app that lets you search and colourise icons, before dragging and dropping straight into our favourite design app. All icons are available in SVG, Illustrator, Sketch, PDF and Photoshop Shape file formats and weekly updates are released which include new icons and app features. Basic and unlimited license options are available and discounts for teams of 10.


A script for Adobe Illustrator that lets you quickly export complete AppIcon sets ready to be added to your Xcode project. ai2app adds two menu options to Adobe Illustrator, one for iOS icons, the other for Mac. When selected, the script identifies the active artboard and automatically exports PNGs it in all the required sizes with the associated Contents.json to create a complete AppIcon.appiconset. A very useful tool if you choose to use Illustrator over Sketch, Photoshop, or any other design tool.

DaVinci Apps

An online service for creating good looking App Store and Google Play Store screenshots. DaVinci Apps lets you pick from dozens of templates featuring a race of different device frames, which you can then customise by tweaking the colours, changing the device colour, adding a few lines of text, and uploading your app screenshot. Once you've finished designing your screenshots you can export the images ready to be submitted to the App Store.

Noun Project

A collection of over 150,000 icons designed by creators from around the world. The Noun Project aims to help people communicate their ideas with a universal visual language of icons. Each icon is available as PNG or scalable SVG, and downloadable for free under the Creative Commons license, or you can subscribe to the Pro plan for unlimited royalty free icons. There is also an OS X app for Pro users that gives you drag and drop access to the complete collection on your Mac, and an API to let integrate the collection in your next project.

Bjango App Icon Templates

A comprehensive set of app icon templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Affinity Designer, created by the designers at Bjango. The templates cover Android, iOS, OS X, Apple TV (tvOS), Apple Watch (watchOS), Windows, Windows Phone and web favicons. Where possible, they?re set up to automate exporting final production assets. All free and open source on GitHub, released under the BSD license.

Icon Dog

A simple free Mac app for generating app icon asset catalogs. Icon Dog lets you drag and drop your large icon, select your platform and it will resize your icons and create a ready-to-use asset catalog that you can add to your Xcode project. It can create icons for OS X and iOS, including watch OS and CarPlay and will package them into an appiconset containing all the sizes you need for your app inside a .xcassets folder.


A collection of over 100 free icons sets by first-class designers. IconStore overs an excellent range of coloured, glyph and outline icon sets that are all completely free to use for personal and commercial use without attribution. Each icon set typically includes between 20 and 100 free icons, available in various formats including Illustrator, PSD, SVG and EPS, meaning you can scale them to whatever size you need.


A collection of over 18,000 free flat icons. Icons8 includes an icon for pretty much every scenario, available in any colour and several styles including iOS, Android, Windows and flat colour. All the icons are created by a single designer so your UI is guaranteed to look consistent, and can be downloaded as PNGs in several sizes for free or a several scalable formats for a fee. If there's something missing, you can request it and they'll make it for free. There is also a great OS X menu bar app that gives you quick access to the whole collection right from your desktop.

Mockup World

A great collection of free photo-realistic device mockups that you can use in your marketing materials. Mockup World includes mockups for loads of scenarios and devices including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Each mockup is typically supplied as a PSD that is ready for you to drop in your screenshots and export at high-resolution to use in your marketing. If the free mockups aren't good enough, Mockup World also has a market place of premium images that can be bought individually or as bundles.

Simple Icons

A collection of over 130 free SVG icons of popular online brands. The icons, which are organised by their primary colour, are copyright of their respective owners, but distributed for free under The Free Art License. If there is an icon missing, the author is accepting contributions and requests on GitHub.


A super simple iOS app that makes it super easy to quickly preview app icon designs on your iPhone. ICNS connects with your Dropbox account and creates a folder where you can dump all your icon designs. Your icons are then seamlessly synced to ICNS and previewed, including accurate superellipse masks, on several wallpapers (you can pick from the bundled wallpapers or loads your own). You can also drag and drop your icons just like the real home screen and share a screenshot for feedback from colleagues or showing off your app icon portfolio.


A simple, free and open source OS X app for creating Xcode asset catalogs. Iconizer will create Xcode asset catalogs (xcassets) with the necessary file structure and generate all required images for App Icons, Launch Images and Image Sets. You just drag in a single image and it will do the rest. It supports all platforms including iOS, Apple Watch, CarPlay and Mac, with an option to create separate asset catalogs for each platform or a combined catalog for all selected platforms.

Icon Galleries

A collection of curated icon galleries showcasing beautiful icon designs from the iOS, Mac, and now Apple Watch apps. Icon Galleries are full of inspiration for your next app icon. Each icon is tagged by category and colour with direct links to the icon designer and app, and you can also submit your own.


An icon set designed specifically for use in the Apple Watch context menu. Chronicons are fully compliant with WatchKit's Human Interface Guidelines and designed to cover a variety of Watch-related tasks and concepts. Each set includes icons for the 38mm and 42mm devices as well as the original Sketch source files. Edition 1 includes 113 icons and free future updates are included in the price.

iOS 8 Icon Template

A free Photoshop template for iOS 8 app icons. The template comes in the form of a retina optimised PSD for use with Photoshop CC that gives you a smart object to use to design your icon which can then be previewed in various screens and contexts including mockups for the Home Screen, App Store and Apple Watch. The PSD is also ready for Slicy for exporting image assets, and features redrawn versions of Apple's default icons that you can borrow shapes and layer styles from.


An expanding collection of icons for just 2 euros. Oakcons currently contains 40 icons but the set is updated monthly for free to everyone who previously purchased. All icons are provided with the original Sketch file and a 16×16 PNG and SVG with more sizes to follow. The creator is even taking requests for icons to be included in future updates. Oakcons is a great icon set for a great price.

Screenshot App

A simple iOS app for creating great looking app screenshots by adding device frames, custom backgrounds and text. Screenshot App lets you pick from the screenshots you have saved in your Camera Roll and add a device frame for any of the current models including iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, iPad and iPod Touch. Once finished, screenshots can be exported to the Camera Roll or Dropbox ready to be uploaded to iTunes Connect or added to your app marketing site. The app is free with in app purchase to unlock undo/redo, importing custom fonts and the ability to clean status bars on imported screenshots.

Font Awesome

A free font comprised of over 400 scalable vector icons. Font Awesome includes icons for pretty much any use including spinners, file type icons, currency symbols, directional icons and loads more. The font was originally designed for use in the Bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JS framework but you can download the font as an OTF and TTF so it's ready to include in any iOS app. Font Awesome is fully open source and is GPL friendly so you can use it for commercial projects.


A collection of vector icon sets for designers and developers. Symbolicons are a family of simple, precise, and awesome icons designed by Jory Raphael. There are currently nine individual icons sets available that each have their own style (including a set designed specifically for iOS 7) or you can get a discount by buying one of the four bundles. The icon sets are also available as fonts from Symbolset.

Icon Strike

A simple website from Flinto that allows you to easily test iOS icon designs on your home screen. Just upload you app icon and it will give you a link to open on your phone which will install a web app with your icon. The benefit of installing a web app to your home screen is that you can preview the icon in all the other places it appears such as Spotlight results or the Settings app.


A really simple app for creating retina and non-retina images. Unlike many other apps that do similar things, Sizes is really minimalistic and fast to use - it doesn't have any windows, you just drag your files onto the app icon, wait a second and the output is saved in the original directory. It also gives you options to append the "@2x" suffix so you don't have to remember, or use a completely different suffix of your choice.

Edge Insets

A simple Mac app that helps you generate the correct UIEdgeInsets to use with resizable UIImages. Just load an image into Edge Insets and drag the guide lines until the image scales correctly in the preview. The Objective-C code is generated for you ready to copy and paste straight into Xcode.

Asset Catalog Creator

A simple Mac app that helps resize your app icons into all the required sizes and integrates with the new asset catalogs in Xcode 5. Asset Catalog Creator exports your app icon into a iconset bundle including the required Contents.json file ready to be copied straight into Xcode 5. It will also export OS X icons and launch images.


A collection of over 300 beautiful icons optimised for iOS 7. Essence is a premium collection so it's not free, but the icons are really high quality and very detailed, and any future updates are included in the price. Every single icon is provided as a regular outline as well as a filled "selected" version, in PNG, Illustrator, PDF and are completely attribution-free.


Claims to be the largest database of free vector icons. The collection includes an icon for every scenario that can be downloaded in SVG, PSD and PNG formats. You can also download a Photoshop plugin to get access to all the icons directly in Photoshop or download a custom collection of icons as a webfont. Icons are grouped into categories and packs including several specifically designed for iOS.


Iconfinder provides high quality icons for designers and developers in an easy and efficient way. The site launched in 2007 as the first search engine focused on icons. You can search by keyword and then filter your results by format, price, license and size.

App Icon Template

A site that offers free Photoshop app icon templates including iOS 7. The templates come with a PSD that uses smart objects to preview your app icon in various screens, including the home screen and the App Store. It also includes Photoshop actions to export the icon in all the required sizes ready to drop into Xcode.

A Photoshop CC and CS6 extension that gives you access to a massive collection free of icons. All the assets are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. It looks like they are adding more collections all the time so if you have your own collection you'd like to share, let them know.


A collection of icons for use in your toolbars, tab bars, nav bars, table row or anywhere else. There are currently 4 sets available, each containing at least 200 icons, for $25 each. Or there is a free set of 200 if you just want to try them out. Their latest set includes 200 outline icons drawn to match the iOS 7 style. All the icon sets are retina ready and are supplied with a master PSD.


A mac app that will reduce the size of your app by analysing the images in your iOS app packages and converting or re-compressing them. It works in a similar way to tools like ImageOptim but will also convert opaque PNGs to 90% quality JPGs. It can also be integrated with Xcode as a 'Run Script' build phase or post action.


A clever tool for Mac that slices up your PSDs based on layer groups. It will automatically cut up your PSD elements as assets for your app. It will even create retina graphics if you append your layer group name with "[email protected]".


A Mac app for managing all your app images. It keeps track of missing retina/non-retina images, provides image validation and creates copy-paste ready code for Xcode.


The sister app to ImageOptim that further reduces the size of PNG files by applying lossy compression.


An image optimisation app for Mac that processes images so they take up less disk space and load faster. Squashes images better than the Xcode. Check out the Tweetbot case study to see just how effective it is.


A Mac and iOS app for previewing, resizing and exporting icon and @2x artwork for app development.


Previously called Unretina / Unretiner, Resizer is a really simple free Mac app for resizing @2x or -hd images.