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Sensor Tower

An App Store Optimization service to help you optimise your app's visibility in the App Store. Sensor Tower lets you automatically track daily keyword rankings for your app and its competitors to identify which are working the best. You can also get tips to improve your existing keywords and suggestions for new keywords that include search traffic estimates, and competitiveness difficulty ratings. Once you've found keywords that are working well, Sensor Tower can help you translate them into 20+ different languages to improve your rankings in other countries.

Other Similar Tools


An add-on for Google Sheets that lets you automatically import App Store data from iTunes Connect and Google Play. AppStoreMetrix offers you a simple way to download your app statistics for in-app purchases, app installs, earnings, crashes and more, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis without manually downloading and transforming the raw data into a suitable format. Once downloaded you're free to use all of Google Sheets' features such as filters, charts, and dashboards to analyse and visualise your data.


A platform of tools that help you improve your App Store Optimisation strategy. TheTool tracks everything related to ASO including installs, keyword rankings, chart rankings, user ratings, conversion rates, revenue and more. You also get a personalised ASO report including an ASO score, checklist and recommendations. TheTools uses data directly from iTunes Connect and the Google Play Developer Console, but it can also integrate with a couple of attribution services and AdMob for ad revenue tracking.

Reviews for iOS

A simple iOS app to view all your App Store reviews. Reviews for iOS lets you add your favourite iOS and Mac apps, pick which territories you're interested in, and it will give you all your ratings (for current and all versions) and reviews in one place. You can also translate international reviews into your own language or choose to get a push notification when new reviews are added.


An online service and SDK that aims to optimise your Apple Search Ads bids to increase revenue based on keywords that lead to actual in-app purchases. Kitemetrics will attribute keywords to premium app purchases, in-app purchases, subscriptions, or eCommerce purchases, then calculate the Total Revenue per keyword, the Average Revenue per User for each keyword, and provide suggested CPT bid amounts for your Search Ads. It also has Apple Search Ads integration so you can view reports and modify bids directly from Kitemetrics without having to switch platforms.

App Radar

An online App Store Optimisation tool that aims to increase downloads for mobile apps on iOS and Android. App Radar uses its AI based ASO helper to analyse all your app's metadata and localisations and find improvements to optimise your store listings for better discoverability. You can view daily updated keyword rankings, historical data to see your result over time, popularity and traffic estimations, and compare your competitors rankings. It also has Slack integration to give you handy ranking reports on a daily or weekly basis.


A simple service for creating a good looking website for your mobile app. Snappykit lets you find your app in the App Store or Play Store to import all the details before picking from a number of great looking templates. You can then use the editor to makes changes and customise every single element of the template and launch it as a stunning app website. The final website includes all the features and options you'd expect including Google Analytics, social accounts, custom domains, SEO and adaptive layouts.

Marketing for Engineers

A hand-picked collection of resources to help engineers market and grow their products. Marketing for Engineers includes a wide range of different resources from articles and videos to services and tools. The resources are broken down into several categories that cover the entire marketing lifecycle including user research, social media marketing, email marketing, psychology, pricing and loads more. Marketing can be one of the hardest parts of creating a product for a developer, so this list is invaluable.


An online tool that helps you create App Store keywords. App lets you enter a keyword or a few letters and it will auto-suggest app keywords from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Results are grouped alphabetically and you can select your favourites before copying to the clipboard as a comma separated list or downloading as a CSV. You can also view trending searches by country and get access to advice on how to pick the best app keywords.

App ToolKit

A collection of useful tools for app developers and designers. App ToolKit replaces the previous LaunchKit that was acquired by Google and now includes: Screenshot Builder for creating custom App Store images; App Website Builder, a tool that creates and hosts a mobile-ready website for you app; Review Monitor, a service that checks the App Store for reviews and posts them to Slack; Super User Dashboard in-app analytics; and Cloud Config, a utility that lets you remotely adjust settings and features in your app.


A super simple Apple Watch app that lets you keep track of your app's App Store ranking from a complication on your watch face. RankWatch gives you an iPhone app to search for your app by name, country and category which is then visible on the Apple Watch. The complication shows the current ranking as well as how much is has increased or decreased by.


A simple widget that helps convert your website visitors into App Store downloads. Textpuff lets your website visitors text themselves a smart download link from your website. Clicking the link takes them to either the App Store or Google Play Store based on the device they are using. From the TextPuff dashboard, you can track how many website visitors converted to app downloads, from where and how many times the links that are sent are clicked.


An online ASO tool that helps you check and improve your app's visibility in the App Store. AppCodes gives you up to date rankings for up to 200 App Store search queries to see the effectiveness of your app's keywords. You can also track your competitors including their press mentions and keywords from their App Store descriptions. You also get access to tools that can help you identify new keywords and measure phrase popularity and competitiveness, to improve your ranking with your next app update.


An open source Mac app for downloading and viewing App Store sales, reviews and rankings. AppWage gives you quick access to information such as the number of downloads, in-app purchases, promo codes and refunds. You can track your rankings allowing you to see where and when your apps change position in charts, and download reviews from each and every country, and have them translated into your local language. You can also add your competitors app to track their reviews and rankings as well.

App Store Screenshot

A simple, minimalistic and free online tool for generating good looking screenshots for the App Store and Google Play Store. App Store Screenshot lets you use your in-app screenshots to generate professional looking screenshots that will match the App Store's and Google Play's requirements. You can pick a background colour, choose from ten different device images, and add text with custom font and styling, before previewing and downloading ready to be upload to the App Store.

Review Command

A Mac app that gathers your ratings and reviews for all of your apps, from all countries, and all major app stores, and displays them in one simple feed. Review Command supports iOS App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Windows Store. In addition to your main feed, you can filter a specific app’s feed by country, date, and phrases mentioned. Easily see what users love (and don’t love) about your app. It's available for a one-off price, with no subscription fees and your account passwords are only ever stored locally on your Mac.

Preview Video Converter

A Mac app that makes it easy to convert app preview videos ready to be submitted to the App Store. Preview Video Converter will convert your video to meet iTunes Connect's very specific set of requirements so you don't have to waste time trying to solve the issue. It will re-encode your audio and video into the ideal format; guaranteed to upload successfully and it will export separate files for iPhones, iPads and even Apple TV. You can also use the app to trim your video to ensure it fits within Apple's length requirements.

How to get featured on the App Store

A 15 page PDF guide from Dan Counsell outlining the 10 most important things you need to do to get your app featured as well as how to get in contact with Apple. The guide covers all the best steps you should consider when releasing your app including using the latest Apple platform technologies, localising, planning around big events, and more. Getting featured by Apple is never guaranteed, but if you're clever about it, you can increase your chances, and this guide can definitely help.


A Slack bot that gives you app reviews delivered to Slack. ReviewBot will monitor your Android and iOS apps on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store then send you notifications in Slack or by email whenever new reviews are posted. It's free to use for one app, but paid plans let you monitor more and also gives you quick reply links for Android app reviews.

Suborbital Reports

A OS X app for keeping track of your App Store sales. Suborbital Reports downloads all your App Store reports and visualizes them in a clean and neat manner, without any cloud services - everything stays secure and private on your Mac. You can view clear and easy to read graphs for your revenues, downloads, updates and refunds, and make comparisons and predictions based on actual stats. It supports iOS, Mac and In-App Purchase sales, using the official iTunes Connect auto ingestion API, so doesn't rely on web-scraping. It also has no subscription fees - you pay once and own it forever.


A simple OS X app for reading App Store reviews. Sachsen is a standalone app so, unlike many similar services, it is not dependent on a backend and there is no need to create an account. You can add multiple apps by title, iTunes ID or publisher and all reviews are downloaded to view offline. You can then do a full-text search of filter by read or favourited state, user rating or app version. Sachsen also offers a one-click translation service powered by Google Translate and Microsoft Translate and you can make notes for a specific reviews, share them, or compare ratings across app versions.

Review Cards

A new feature from appFigures that lets you easily share your App Store reviews with anyone. Review Cards look great in every browser and on every social network. They utilise Open Graph so will automatically render beautifully when shared. When you share a review, you can also optionally translate it to a language of your choice. Anyone viewing the review can also change the translation language on their own. There's also built in stats so you can see how many people visited it, from which countries, and from what sources.


A set of plugins and themes for Jekyll to create a static portfolio website for app developers to showcase their work. Apollo differs from most other showcasing tools which focus on a single app, by creating a portfolio for multiple apps. Its minimalistic theme and playful animations make it perfect to display the amazing apps you have made and the responsive design means it looks great on desktop and mobile. It also comes with a set of plugins and custom Liquid tags to help make writing an app's page easier.