A simple and powerful version control app and plugin for Sketch. Plant works to organise your projects by keeping track of all versions and metadata including date, time, and the user that pushed the specific version, giving you access to the entire creative history of a project. It can even handle conflict resolution allowing you to choose, combine or create a new artboard, and diff-ing to compare any two versions of an artboard. Plant’s panel lives inside Sketch's inspector letting you access current projects, add new projects, send your versions and will also notify you if there are changes that need to be loaded.

Balsamiq Cloud

An online tool for quickly creating low fidelity UI sketches and mockups. Balsamiq Cloud gives you a palette of UI components including buttons, device frames, media, and more, that you can drag, drop and resize to create simple UI wireframes to capture your ideas. You can then collaborate on your designs in real-time with colleagues using annotations, comments, alternate versions, and chat. Balsamiq Cloud is intentionally low fidelity, focusing on structure and usability over full designs making it one of the fastest ways to prototype.

Sketch Focus

A plugin for Sketch that aims to help boost your productivity while designing. Sketch Focus lets you add notes and tasks to your Sketch document, optionally linking them to your layers. When you select an item, Sketch Focus will automatically select, centre and zoom to any linked layers. You can also filter by items marked as important or items linked to visible or selected layers, and search for items by text.


A design handoff and collaboration tool for designers and developers. Sympli lets designers easily share style guides, specs, bitmaps and vector assets with developers in the best format to make it easier to implement. It starts with Sympli plugins for Photoshop and Sketch so designers can stick to the tools their used to. From there they can export their designs and share them with their teammates. Then the developers on the team can use the Xcode and Android Studio plugins to get every detail of the design just right. You can also explore designs and download assets through the Sympli web app.

iOS Design Kit

A huge library of app templates and iOS UI elements, combined into high-quality source files for Sketch and Adobe Photoshop. iOS Design Kit includes over 250 screens in 15 popular categories, as well as a library of interface elements, such as icons, search bars, alerts, tab bars, segmented controls, switches, keyboards and more. The whole lot is available for one fee, or you can get your hands on a collection of 62 screens and many core components for free!


A colour-blind simulator and contrast checker for Sketch. Stark is a Sketch plugin that helps you keep accessibility in mind when designing your apps. The preview window lets you see how your design looks for those who don’t see the way a typical person does. You can select from 8 different colour profiles to simulate the various forms of colour-blindness, or use the contract checker to ensure your colours, visuals and typography provide the best readability, legibility and contrast.


A platform that helps designers share their work with the rest of their team. Wake provides a handy Mac app that lets you share designs without leaving Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator with a simple keyboard shortcut. Designs are uploaded to the web where they are viewable by the rest of your team. Teammates can find what they're looking for by searching for people, tags, file types and dates, before adding annotations and feedback. There's also an iOS app for viewing and uploading designs on the move, as well as Slack and HipChat integration.


An online tool to create interactive prototypes and easily get feedback on your designs. Evrybo lets you link all your designs together and add transitions to get high-fidelity mobile, web and watch prototypes. You can then invite an unlimited number of people to give feedback with a public link. Clients and colleagues can add comment annotations direct on your designs. You can also view the entire collaboration history of your project including comments, invitations, files uploaded and more.

Auto Layout for Sketch

A Sketch plugin that lets you define layout constraints similar to Auto Layout on iOS helping you design interfaces for all device sizes. Auto Layout for Sketch uses simple pins to anchor elements to a edge or centre, or more advanced constraints that allow your designs to adapt to size changes in your artboards. Once your constraints are defined you can quickly create previews at a number of different standard screen sizes for most major platforms including iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Windows Phone 8, and more.

Apple UI Design Resources

The definitive iOS design resources created by the designers at Apple. The Apple UI Design Resources include Photoshop and Sketch templates, and other UI materials for quickly designing iOS apps. They include templates and guides, colour palettes, and the official San Francisco typeface. The included icon and glyph production files have even been preconfigured to automate asset production using Sketch slices or Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC.


A tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux that helps you turn your designs into code. Avocode lets you open and inspect PSD & Sketch designs, before giving you tools to export native code for a variety of platforms including iOS (Swift), web (CSS), Android, and React Native. You can also select any layer and export as a PNG, SVG or JPG up to @4x resolution. Version control keeps track of all your revisions, and collaboration tools such as sync plugins and Slack integration make it easy to share designs with your team.

A Nice Red

A super simple website for generating UI colours that complement your brand. A Nice Red lets you simply type in the hex code for your primary brand colour or pick it from the pop-up colour palette, and it will generate three colours that should fit nicely with your brand; a green for success states, a red for errors and an amber for warnings. Clicking a generated colour will copy the hex code ready to be pasted into the Xcode colour picker.


A simple iOS app that helps you visualise how Size Classes and layout margins look on real devices and how they change with respect to orientation, iPad multitasking (i.e. Slide Over/Split View) and Dynamic Type size changes. Adaptivity displays guides, sizes in pixels or points and current size classes over the top of many standard UI elements including pop-overs, modal presentations, split view controllers, tab bar controllers, and more. There's even two Notification Centre widgets, a notification content extension and an iMessage app to help you size up all kinds of apps.

Mocks 2

A mac app for designing mockups of iOS applications and screens. Mocks comes with a built-in collection of graphics depicting iOS UI controls and widgets (such as buttons, toolbars, and text fields). You can drag these controls from the Library palette to the Canvas area where you compose your mockups. Alignment guides (both automatic, and user-created) help you keep your designs in line, and a powerful bezier pen tool plus a large collection of shapes, arrows, images, and magnetic lines let you customise you designs further.

Origami Studio

The latest version of Facebook's prototyping tool based on their Origami plugin for Quartz Composer. Origami Studio is a fully featured design tool that lets you create prototypes with layers from Sketch, masks, particle systems, text, live cameras, and more. You can create and share your own reusable components, or pick from the library of pre-built Material and iOS components. Then you can bring it all to life with interactions and animations, all while previewing your designs in real time on device using the Origami Live app.


A web app to easily view, version, & share your Sketch files online. Once you've uploaded your Sketch files, SketchViewer displays them using the Canvas View that lets you pan and zoom your artboards. If you upload multiple versions of your Sketch files you can go back in time and view, compare, and pixel diff past versions. You also get a shareable link so you can demo your designs to your entire team.

Flinto for Mac 2

A comprehensive app prototyping tool for Mac that allows you to create anything from simple tap-through prototypes, to comprehensive prototypes with impressive interactions. Flinto for Mac 2 introduces the new Behaviour Designer feature that allows for the creation of micro-interactions that happen within screens. Things like scroll-based interactions, looping animation, toggle switches, button effects and many others can be created. Unlike Flinto Lite, Flinto for Mac 2 has a one-off price and includes a 14 day free trial.


A collection of free SVG stencils ready to drop into your wireframe designs. LittlePlane makes creating wireframes quick and easy by removing the need to design every element. Stencils are tagged and categorised so it's easy to find the UI element you need for mobile or desktop, and each design is downloadable as an SVG so will work with most design apps and is scalable to any size. They are also working on a Mac app that brings access to all stencils with search and drag & drop to your desktop.


An interface design tool with real-time collaboration. Figma lets multiple people work on the same files, and even the same elements, at the same time, with revisions constantly being saved with version history. If you're not a designer you can follow along with someone else's screen in Presentation Mode or view the design mirrored to a mobile device with Live Device Preview. You can also import your Sketch files to get started. Figma works on any operating system with desktop apps for Mac and Windows.


A free graphics editor used to create vector graphics easily and intuitively. Vectr is available online for can be downloaded for Mac, Windows or Linux for offline use. It offers all the typical features and tools you'd expect making it a great free option for designing iOS apps. Everything created in Vectr is available online for real-time collaboration. Others can watch you create and edit designs live, whether you’re in the web app or desktop version. Vectr has just left beta, and the developers have an open roadmap with more great features coming soon.

Sketch 40

Extremely popular vector design app for Mac. Sketch 40 is the latest version of the Adobe Illustrator alternative and comes with powerful new vector editing features that let you edit multiple shapes at the same time. You can also now perform non-destructive text transforms so you to easily convert text to uppercase or lowercase. Bohemian have also recently released their first two official plugins to help with compression on export.

iOS 10 UI Kit

A massive UI template including most iOS 10 UI elements as vector assets. The iOS 10 UI Kit is available for Photoshop and Sketch and includes most screens and common interface elements, controls, shapes, containers and icons. The files are well organised, making good use of Photoshop's artboards and Sketch's Symbols, Text Styles and Shared Styles. Like most of Apply Pixel's templates, the iOS 10 UI Kit is available to subscribing members to support future updates and new templates.


A prototyping tool for iOS. Tster lets you build wireframes and high-quality mockups directly on iPhone so you can run tests using real assets, transitions and interactions on your own device without writing any code. You can create your designs using shapes, text, icons and images, or pick from a library of native UI elements including tab bars, nav bars, table views, alerts, and loads more. Then you can add interactions and transitions before exporting to Sketch or sharing by URL.

Colour Contrast Analyser for Sketch

A simple plugin for Sketch that calculates the colour contrast of two layers and evaluates it against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Colour Contrast Analyser for Sketch will give you a score of AAA, AA or fail because of a lack of contrast. And even when you do not need to meet those requirements, you can get a feeling for the contrast when you get used to the values. If only a single layer is selected, than it will calculate with its artboard background colour. Making your app accessible to more people is extremely important and this plugin should make designing it easier.

Adobe Experience Design

A Mac app that lets you design and prototype websites and mobile apps. Adobe Experience Design is an all-in-one tool for UX designers with which you can quickly create wireframes and visual designs, preview changes in real time, and share prototypes with your team for instant feedback. As Experience Design is part of Creative Cloud it also seamlessly integrates with Adobe's other apps so you can bring your Photoshop and Illustrator assets straight into the app. Experience Design is currently free to download and try while in Preview.

Device Mockups

A collection of ready to use vector device mockups that you can use to create product mockups, UI flows, wireframes, illustrations for mobile apps, or presentations. Device Mockups currently includes 32 Apple devices including all iPhones from the original to iPhone 6s Plus, Apple Watch, iPad including Pencil, laptops and desktops, even Apple TV with display. Each device is provided in Sketch, Illustrator and SVG formats, using symbols and styles to make them easily customisable. It also includes Powerpoint & Keynote ready files making them ideal for presentations.


A plugin for Sketch that creates beautiful colour palette artboards automatically from the colours in your Sketch project. Prism takes your 'Document Colours', and with a single command, creates a fully customisable colour palette with automatic colour naming, and the colour expressed in a handful or different formats. You can also export the colours into code in several formats, including UIColor in Objective-C and Swift. Everything is customisable allowing you to change the palette template or add new export formats.


A free Sketch plugin and Mac app combination that lets designers export an inspectable graphical representation of a design project that developers can use as detailed design specification. Sketchode gives developers access to fonts, colours, opacity, size, position, shadows, images and loads more design details without having to launch Sketch and view the original designs. It also integrates with JIRA so you can automatically upload and download design projects directly from issues.

Size Classes

A simple reference guide that describes what size classes are used across all iOS devices in various scenarios. Since the iPhone 6 Plus and the addition of multitasking on the iPad, it has become difficult to keep track of which size class applies to which device in all scenarios. Size Classes details the horizontal and vertical size class for all iPhones back to iPhone 4s and all iPads back to iPad 2 in 10 different scenarios including modal, popover, split views and multitasking.

UI Check

An iOS app that allows you to conveniently measure UI elements directly from your screenshots.
 Simply select a screenshot from your camera roll and tap or double tap to measure pixel and point dimensions, rectangles and angles. You can also tap and hold to get the hex colour for any pixel under your finger, or add guides for screen halves, thirds or the iOS defaults. UI Check is a useful little app for designers and developers to double-check prototypes and make sure the layout is pixel perfect.

Silver Flows

A Sketch plugin that lets you build lightweight mobile prototypes from within your Sketch document. Silver Flows is perfect for making quick, flow-based prototypes, but it also plays nice with Framer.js to help you add micro-interactions to your prototypes. Out of the box you can convert layers to fixed headers and footers for realistic scrolling, add editable input fields, link artboards together with native push, pop, modal and dismiss transitions, embed web views and get access to hardware features such as the camera.


A prototyping app for iOS that lets you create native app demos without writing any code. Demonstrate prototypes make use of native transitions & gestures, allowing you to import your paper or whiteboard sketches and designs from the photo library or Dropbox. You can then add hotspots and link screens to create complete workflows, before sharing the project in editable or play-only format. Demonstrate is free to try with 1 prototype and 4 screens but can be unlocked for unlimited use with a single in app purchase.

A prototyping tool for creating interactive wireframes and mockups. provides an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and built-in, native-looking UI libraries for iOS, Android and Windows that you can use with your custom designs. You can then add touch events and complex animations before testing on a real device using the companion iOS app. You can share your prototypes with friends and colleagues to get instant feedback or export the screens as great looking PDFs, images or HTML demo.

iOS 10 UI

A complete UI kit created in Sketch for the new iOS 10 UI. iOS 10 UI includes all the new screens, apps, icons, effects and much more from the latest version of Apple's operating system. Every element is created using vectors so is infinitely scalable and resizable, and makes use of Sketch's Symbols for easy customisation and re-use. Many elements have been assembled into templates for the new iOS 10 widgets and notifications which make a create starting point for designing for iOS 10. iOS 10 UI is free to download and open source on GitHub.


A collection of over 200 screens for iOS guidelines, divided into 26 popular content categories including navigation, search, settings, profiles, walkthroughs, and loads more. Platforma can be used to quickly create mockups and prototypes without having to design every element from scratch. The kit also includes several pointers and gestures elements so you can mark transitions and interactions to build a UX flowchart. Platforma is currently available for Sketch and Photoshop with Illustrator coming soon.


A web-based, enterprise-grade product design and prototyping platform that enables teams to design, iterate and implement together. Atomic lets you create designs and prototypes from scratch, or bring in assets from another design tool. You can collaborate with your team on the same designs at the same time with real-time updates and changes, and unlimited undo lets you slide back to any point in time in your document. You can prototype nuanced interactions and transitions, and preview them on your mobile device before sharing with others to test and give feedback.


A simple iOS app for generating great looking colour schemes at light-speed just by tapping on the screen. Colours lets you browse thousands of popular palettes made by other creatives, or you can type in your colours to get nice matching colour combinations instantly. Once you've created your favourite favourite colour palettes, you can save them to your account or copy, export or send via email. In addition to Coolors for iOS, there's also a free web version along with an Android app and Photoshop and Illustrator plugins.

Adobe XD

A new OS X app from Adobe for designing and prototyping mobile apps. Adobe XD lets you quickly create wireframes and visual designs, preview changes in real time, and share prototypes with your team for instant feedback. It includes many of the tools you'll be familiar with from other Adobe products along with intuitive new tools for adding interaction and animation to you prototypes. It's currently available for free during the beta period as new features are being added each month.

PaintCode Plugin for Sketch

A plugin for Sketch that lets you turn your designs into Objective-C or Swift just like Paintcode. PaintCode Plugin for Sketch brings the full power of PaintCode to Sketch allowing you to export all your colours, gradients, shadows, icons and images as UIKit and Core Graphics code. The plugin generates .h/.m or .swift files ready to be dropped straight into your Xcode project and you have control over how the code is formatted, including indentation, spacing, and curly brace positioning.


A design tool that lets you design and build app prototypes and export real native code to use in Xcode. Neonto includes essential mobile building blocks such as navigation bars, tab bars, table views and collection views. But unlike similar tools, these are real native components, not fake HTML look-a-likes. For designers, there is a Sketch plugin to easily get your designs into Neonto, and for developers, you can export code in ready to use Xcode projects with no framework or other runtime dependencies. Neonto is free for non-commercial use with other plans and licenses for full use.

Sketch App Rocks

A website for Sketch enthusiasts. Sketch App Rocks collects together high quality resources by designers and developers from all around the world, which help user interface designers to optimise their workflow and to make designing in Sketch easier and more fun. The content posted on the site includes, plugins, resources such as iconsets and UI kits, educational posts such as tutorials, events and more. The collection is vast so you'll definitely find something interesting if you're into using Sketch.


A Sketch plugin that lets you produce and export simple animations straight out of Sketch. AnimateMate is based on keyframes, so you start by creating your main keyframes and AnimateMate will handle all the animations in between. You can then add one of several easing functions to get the effect your are after. Animations can be applied to single layers or grouped layers, and can be offset to create sequences of animations. Once your animation is complete you can export to an animated GIF or a sequence of PNGs.


A free plugin suite for Sketch and Photoshop that helps you put real data in your designs. Craft includes three separate tools: Type, which lets you add real, relevant content automatically, generated or from the web, including names, dates, addresses, headline, articles, and more; Photos, which gives you access to photos from Dropbox, a private folder, or the web to place straight into your design; and Duplicate, a sophisticated clone tool that can quickly contextually duplicate any design element to speed up building out your designs.


A prototyping service that lets you create mobile prototypes with screens designed directly in the online editor or added as images from Sketch or Photoshop. Marvel lets you link all your designs together with gestures and transitions to make your prototype feel just like a real app. Once your prototype takes shape, you can share your projects and get real-time feedback on your designs. Clients and colleagues can comment directly on each screen or drop annotations. There are also Marvel apps for iOS and Android that let you create prototypes from paper sketches and download offline prototypes including Apple Watch.


A prototyping framework that lets you design and prototype UI, interaction, navigation, transition and animation for App Store ready apps in Interface Builder without writing a single line of code. IBAnimatable aims to be designer friendly with a Sketch style setting panel on Attributes Inspector to lower the learning curve for using Interface Builder. But unlike most other prototyping tools you can use the output of the design directly in your production ready apps. It also supports animation design in Swift playgrounds, Auto Layout and Size Classes and navigation and transitions using segues.


An iOS app tool for creating app mock-ups right from your iPhone or iPad. Inspr includes built-in templates, presets and icons, and takes no design or coding skill to use. It provides a simple drag and drop interface with several native components, hundreds of customisable settings, over 200 hand-crafted icons, dozens of hand-picked stock images, and several popular color palettes. It also integrates with POP, to make your mock-ups interactive. Once you create your designs with Inspr you can import them to POP and generate an interactive prototype ready for sharing.


A new prototyping and development tool for OS X. Creo combines the design and development of mobile apps into one application. App creation is normally split into two camps: design and development. This application combines those two steps, allowing users to concentrate on creating their app. It offers drag-and-drop controls, classes, and objects that allow you to build your app's navigation and features. Creo also uses the CreoKIT Objective-C/Swift framework that enables it to execute any iOS code on the Mac so you can preview your running code directly in the Creo app.


An editor for creating interactive iOS prototypes and apps. Composé provides a freeform editor that lets you individually position objects in a scene to create complex layouts. Layouts can include many standard iOS UI components including table views and collection views, images, tab bars, navigation bars, and many controls such as switches and sliders. Unlike many prototyping apps, Composé lets you add real data with support for JSON, CSV and RSS which can be stored in datasets in your prototype. It will even generate Cocoa Touch code in Objective-C and storyboards.


A tool that aims to keep designers and developers in sync. zeroheight converts mobile designs into developer resources and provides a simple mechanism for assets to be shared across teams. Designers start by uploading their designs using the Sketch or Photoshop plugins, and then share a link to the zeroheight web app with the developers. Developers can then run a single simple command in their terminal to automatically download all developer resources (@1x, @2x and @3x in asset catalogs) straight into their Xcode project. It can even automatically sync changes to the designs.

Sketch Plugins

A huge collection of third party Sketch plugins compiled by the creators of Sketch themselves. The list includes over 100 Sketch approved plugins covering everything from content generators and sync tools to iOS export and third party app integrations - if it's been created for Sketch (and it's any good), it's probably on the list. The list is also searchable to help you find the plugin you need.

Fluid for Sketch

A Sketch plugin that provides a means to create responsive designs based on Auto Layout constraints. Fluid for Sketch, like Auto Layout constraints, allows you to pin, offset, centre, and size relative to parent group, parent artboard, or previous sibling layer. You can then view your artboards at different sizes (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) using Preview Mode. Fluid might not completely match Auto Layout, but it'll certainly help you think about and design for adaptive layout when using Sketch.


A web app and companion iOS app that lets you build native iOS prototypes online. AppStarter utilises common web technologies like XML, CSS and JavaScript, which the AppStarter compiler converts to a 100% native iOS app. Currently, AppStarter provides XML support for 13 of the most important UIKit classes including UIView, UIImageView, UIButton, UILabel, UIWebView and more. It also provides access to several frameworks and classes such as alerts, clipboard and timers using Javascript functions. If you're a web developer AppStarter could be a quick way to get a prototype up and running.

Facebook Design Resources

A collection of free design resources from the designers at Facebook. Facebook Design Resources currently includes: the previously featured Origami, a prototyping toolkit for Quartz Composer; Diverse Device hands, a set marketing images of various smartphones held by two different diverse hands; a complete iOS 9 iPhone GUI for Sketch and Photoshop; and a Medium blog covering the designers experiences. It's already a great collection, but I'm sure they are planning to add more soon.

Gradient Creator

An OS X app that allows you to simply generate all the code required for making CAGradient layers in Objective-C and Swift for iOS and OS X. Input your colours using hex values, the pen drop tool or simply pick a colour from the colour picker view. Change the angle of your gradient with a single click or input them manually, then you can copy the generated code ready to paste into your project. You can also easily convert your single colour hex code to UIColor, NSColor, and CGColor.


A collection of nearly 10,000 real profile pictures for use as samples avatars in UI mockups. All of the uiFaces avatars come from real Twitter users who have given permission for their face to be used in mockups. There is also an authorised section that includes people who are happy for their avatar to be used on live products as well. For those that what to automate finding avatars even more, there is also an API that you can use to fetch random or specified usernames in JSON.

Content Generator for Sketch

A plugin for Sketch that lets you quickly create dummy data for your designs. Content Generator for Sketch can generate photos using Unsplash, profile pictures using Uifaces, user names using Uinames, dummy text and custom strings using a combination of plain text, random number generators and random item from an array. Content Generator for Sketch can already be a real time saver when creating design mockups and more data types are coming in the future.

iOS 9 GUI for Sketch

A free download of every element, including devices, icons and keyboards vectorised in Sketch ready to adjust, resize and export at any resolution. iOS 9 GUI for Sketch includes every element painstakingly recreated in vector including bars, buttons, controls along with several screenshots from iOS (e.g. home screen, Control Centre, Siri) and built-in apps (e.g. Wallet, Apple Music, Activity). It respects the latest Apple guidelines and was carefully compared against the newest screenshots.

Flinto for Mac

An OS X app for creating mobile app prototypes with animations, gestures and scrolling. Flinto for Mac goes way beyond the original online version of Flinto by letting you create anything from simple tap-through prototypes, to comprehensive prototypes with impressive interactions. It requires no programming or timelines in order to create slick gestures and animations including custom spring or cubic-bezier easing, and your designs can be viewed in realtime on your iOS device with the companion app.

Sketch Toolbox

A super simple plugin manager for Sketch. Sketch Toolbox gives you quick and simple access to countless fantastic plugins for Sketch. It lets you browse the most popular plugins, download and install them with a single click and automatically keeps them up to date. Each plugin includes a title, short description and a link to the source on GitHub. It's like an Alcatraz for Sketch.


A OS X app and Javascript framework for prototyping mobile apps. Framer lets you validate and test your design decisions and interactions by writing simple code to create functional prototypes. With just a few lines of code using CoffeeScript, you can create expressive animations and interactions that you can preview in the OS X app or on your device using the companion mirror apps. The framework is really flexible, giving you options for visual filters, animation curves, 3D effects and transformations, and loads more.


A Mac app for creating animated and interactive user interface designs. Principle can be used to design everything from a short animation to a slick user interaction, or even an extensive multiple screen app. You can export your designs as a video or an animated gif ready for sharing or, using the Principle Mirror app, you can also interact with your design on your device or view designs that others have sent you. Principle isn't just for iPhone apps either, you can choose a device preset (which includes Apple Watch) or enter a custom Artboard size.


A OS X app and service for turning your Sketch designs into styleguides and resources. Zeplin is designed with both designers and developers in mind. Designers can import their Sketch designs and create their styleguides from colours and fonts used in the designs. Developers can then inspect the same spec to view layout information for every layer in points or export colours to Objective-C or Swift and image assets to PDF or PNG in all the right sizes ready to be dropped into Xcode. Also, every screen in Zeplin has a link so users without the OS X app can view everything online.

Pixel Winch

A screen measurement app for OS X that's quick and easy to use. Pixel Winch lets you select a region on the screen which is automatically magnified and centred on your display. Take measurements using any combination of the included tools. When finished, simply press escape to dismiss Pixel Winch. Tools include line and rectangles to draw measurable shapes, and grapples that automatically detect edges. Pixel Winch also keeps a history list of your past images and measurements that can be configured to be automatically deleted.

Marvel for Apple Watch

An iOS app that lets you view your sketches and design mockups on Apple Watch. Marvel has recently been updated let you build your app prototypes on the web or directly on your iPhone or iPad and then beam them directly to Apple Watch and preview. Even if you don't have an Apple Watch, you can still create and view prototypes using the web app which gives you a clickable and scrollable recreation of your mockup in an Apple Watch frame.

PaintCode Plugin for Origami

A plugin for Quartz Composer from the creators of PaintCode that let you to get the image of any canvas from your PaintCode document into an Origami prototype. The PaintCode Plugin for Origami will automatically create input ports for all the parameters of your canvas which you can change directly in Quartz Composer or connect to other parts of your Origami prototype.

Ghost Ship

A UI kit comprised of a complete set of retina-ready design assets. Ghost Ship UI Kit comes with 100 UI template PSDs across 8 different categories such as forms, on-boarding, navigation and multimedia along with loads of individual UI elements like buttons, switches and sliders. All the templates are well organised with file names, folders and layer labels so they are easy to work with and customise, and are built with vector graphics so can be scaled to any resolution. The kit also includes 180 complimentary icons in PSD and Illustrator formats.


A design prototyping toolkit for Quartz Composer created by the Facebook design team. Origami provides a set of tools that makes Quartz Composer a lot more useable for making interaction prototypes, including switches, scrolling, bouncy animations, transitions, hit areas and loads more. Origami 2.0 was recently released which adds code export for iOS, Android and web, a presentation mode, Sketch integration and more. They have also introduced Origami Live, a companion app for iOS that lets you preview your interactive designs live on an iPhone or iPad.


A powerful feature-packed vector design and illustration app for both OS X and iPad. Both versions of iDraw offer all the tools you'd expect from a decent Adobe Illustrator alternative, and they work together seamlessly through Handoff and iCloud Drive. It also has several features specifically for iOS developers including automated exports of @2x and @3x assets, Xcode integration that automatically exports assets into xcasset folders in your Xcode project and, best of all, Swift and Objective-C Core Graphics code export.

Affinity Designer

A powerful alternative to Adobe Illustrator for vector art and design. Affinity Designer is fully featured and focuses on speed and performance, built specifically for OS X. It provides a fully customisable, flexible workspace that supports iCloud, Full Screen and Spaces, and includes all the tools you'd expect. It also offers features specifically for iOS designers including @2x and @3x real-time export. Better still it's currently 20% off in the App Store to celebrate being App of The Year 2014 Runner-Up.


An OS X app for creating and managing beautiful colour schemes. Spectrum uses colour theory and harmony rules to make it easy to create aesthetically pleasing colour schemes by suggesting complementing shades and tints that go well with your existing swatches. It can also automatically generate colour schemes from images and lets you capture colours from your screen using the built-in colour picker. Unfortunately it cannot export to UIColor or NSColor but it does support CSS, PNG, Photoshop and Illustrator. There is also an iOS version so you can create colour schemes on the go!

Sketch UIColor Category Generator

A Sketch plugin that generates a Swift Extension or UIColor Objective-C category from your Sketch documents. A menu option automatically create a blank colour swatch sheet in Sketch that you can then add custom colours and names to. With a second menu option the plugin will ask you for a category prefix and generate the .m and .h files containing class methods for each of your custom colours with the names you provided. A very simple but handy plugin, especially if you already use Sketch to design your apps.


A well organised, labeled and layered PSD of the iOS 8 GUI. The team at Teehan+Lax have released several versions of this iOS GUI PSD in the past, but this latest update includes all the major iOS 8 assets individually drawn as vector with a minimal amount of layers and shapes for easy editing. It also includes vector drawings of the iPhone 6 in Gold, Silver and Space Grey, along with both standard and zoomed views. The iOS 8 GUI PSD is a great tool for mocking up apps, concept ideas or create custom interface elements that work harmoniously with those native to iOS.

The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions

The debate as to whether fragmentation is becoming a problem on iOS is raging on, but I will certainly admit that I find it difficult to keep track of all the different screen resolutions. Thankfully, the people behind PaintCode have created a very handy guide that makes it a lot easier. The guide covers every device from the original iPhone to the new iPhone 6 Plus detailing points in coordinate space, rendered pixel resolutions, downsampling/upsampling scales and physical device sizes with pixel density. They've even included details of Display Zoom on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


A clever iPhone app that turns your Photoshop Layer Comps into interactive prototypes. Composite automatically connects to your Photoshop documents and creates screens and interactions without having to export any images. By naming your Layer Comps in a certain way you can add tapzones and native transitions between screens with specific animations. You can also make certain elements stay fixed for realistic scrolling - perfect for navigation bars and toolbars. Finally, you can use Real-time Preview to get live updates of your work on the device while you're designing and tweaking in Photoshop.


A free remote screen viewing application that allows you to stream part of your Mac's screen to an iOS device. LiveView is really useful for previewing interface designs or running simple simulations or demos. Unlike similar applications, LiveView will stream any section of your screen so doesn't require compatibility with any other specific design apps and you can connect multiple iOS devices at once. Tip: Hide LiveView on your Mac (Command + H) and it will continue broadcasting while hidden.


A free web and mobile prototyping and UI mockup tool. InVision is a powerful tool that lets you transform your designs into interactive prototypes complete with gestures, transitions & animations. You can then share designs with a link or a real-time presentation. Stakeholders can leave comments and feedback on the design which can be automatically turned into actionable to-do lists. There is also built in version control and sync for all your design files so you can see your designs has evolved or revert to previous versions.

Dotted Wireframe Papers

A free PDF that you can download and print to help you design your iOS apps. The PDFs are simple dotted papers with wireframe outlines of iPhone and iPad with additional handy markers for standard measurements and UI elements. A simple idea, but really useful for sketching new ideas, and it's free!


A Photoshop panel plugin that can help speed up the iOS graphic design workflow. DevRocket includes a collection of useful features including instant view templates for quickly getting started with your iOS designs, a smart icon workflow to help you create all the right sizes for all devices, native look previews so you can see how your designs will look on the actual devices, and one click export to generate all the artwork you need in retina and non-retina sizes.

xScope 4

The Iconfactory has now released xScope 4 that includes dozens of news features. On top of the eight original tools, xScope 4 now includes Mirror to generate views of an app icon or wallpaper for on iOS or over AirPlay; powerful text tools for searching, reformating and converting; a de-retinizer and loads of other features and enhancements. xScope will help any designer or developer do their job faster and produce more accurate results.

Skala Color

Probably the last colour picker you'll need. Skala Color is a feature-rich OS X color picker that gives you hue and opacity sliders to let you quickly target rough values, then fine tune with 4Ã? the precision. Once you've picked the colour, you can copy it to the clipboard in one of several formats - Hex, CSS RGBA, CSS HSLA, UIColor, NSColor and more. It also automatically recognises colours copied to the clipboard, presenting them as a swatch that can be applied with a single click.


A free command-line app by Bohemian Coding - the people behind Sketch 3 - for exporting pages and slices out of Sketch documents. You can use the tool to list Sketch pages and artboards and export them in various formats. By default the tool will use the export options specified in the file, but you can alternatively pass options to export in a different format or scale.

PaintCode 2

A vector drawing Mac app that generates Objective-C code in real time. Great for keeping app bundle sizes down by using drawing code rather than images. PaintCode 2 has just been released which adds StyleKits - special Objective-C classes that bundle all your PaintCode design assets in a single package, and custom variables & expressions that allow you to change how your assets are drawn in code.

iOS Hat

A Photoshop plugin that knows how to write Objective-C! iOS Hat will generate custom drawing code from bézier shape paths like PaintCode but can also create code for UILabels, UIButtons and more from text layers and background colors. You can also use it to export assets for retina and non-retina devices or generate Auto Layout code to create layouts that look just like your designs.


An easy-to-use colour picker for quickly finding out the color of any pixel on the screen. ColorSnapper is activated via a system-wide hotkey, giving you a magnifying loupe to easily pick the pixel you need. The resulting color is copied to clipboard in a format of your preference. Works just like Sip, except you can keep the ⌥ key pressed to paste the colour in a alternative format.


An iPad app for building iOS mockups. Blueprint gives you the ability to create interactive iOS app mockups on the iPad using customisable drag-and-drop widgets for nearly all iOS interface elements. You can also sketch freely in the app or add custom images, actions or transitions to create realistic looking prototypes. You can export your projects in various formats or use the seperate viewer app to preview mockups on any iPhone or iPad.


A really easy to use and effective service for creating iOS and Android prototypes. The interface is really fast and simple to use with lots of drag-and-drop elements and options for transitions and animations. Scrolling in the completed prototypes feels really natural and you can even fix headers and footers for navigation bars, tab bars and toolbars. Flinto isn't cheap at $20/month but you can try it for free for 30 days.


A fully featured prototyping tool for Mac for designing UIs for mobile apps and websites. Antetype uses a widget system that allows you to create and reuse UI components with multiple states that can be nested and laid out automatically in your UI design. It comes with a large library of ready-to-use widgets for iOS 7 and other platforms and you can export your designs as pixel or vector based graphics or preview them on the web.

Acorn 4

An affordable alternative to Adobe Photoshop, Acorn 4 is an award-winning fully-featured image editor. It includes many of the essential and pro features such as curves, non-destructive filters, layer styles, vector tools, layer masks and loads more. It's intuitive, super speedy and, best of all, a fraction of the price of Photoshop.

Subtle Patterns

Although the days of skeuomorphic interfaces are behind us, a well placed texture can still make an app look great. Subtle Patterns is a collection of over 300 free, high quality, tilable textured patterns that are subtle enough that they won't look out of place on iOS 7. Many of the textures are available to download in @2x resolutions as well or the free Photoshop plugin gives you access to the patterns directly in Photoshop.

Fluid UI

Online prototyping tool for designing mobile apps. You can drag and drop UI elements from a iOS, Android, Windows 8 and wireframe libraries or upload images for custom interfaces. Then add touch gestures and screen animations to bring your prototype to live before testing it on a device or sharing with your team. You can get started for free or sign up for one of the paid plans.


A simple but invaluable menubar app that instantly samples & encodes any colour on your screen. A quick keyboard shortcut will give you a system wide colour picker that lets you select any pixel on your screen. You can then paste the selected colour directly into your editor in one of several formats including CSS, NSColor, UIColor and CGColor.

POP - Prototyping on Paper

A simple iOS and Android app that allows you to bring you paper prototypes to life. You just take photos of your paper mockups and add interactions to simulate your interface. Perfect if you use a notepad like this one.

Developer Color Picker

A custom colour picker for developers that makes getting colours out of Photoshop/Acorn mock-ups quick and easy. Once you've picked your colour you can copy it you the clipboard in NSColor, UIColor, CGColorRef, CSS or HTML styles, with an optional declaration as well. Simple but extremely useful, especially because it is system wide.


A handy iPad app which allows you to quickly mockup app concepts and export to various formats. Also includes a useful iOS pricing tool and an App Store assistant.


A feature-packed Mac app for creating mobile app prototypes and demos. It allows you to combine images and interaction across multiple screens to articulate the essential function of an app.

The iOS Design Cheat Sheet

A collection of useful data about iOS devices and things you have to keep in mind when designing something for iOS by Ivo Mynttinen. It includes screen resolutions, app icons, user interface elements, typography and more.


A simple Mac menu bar lorem ipsum text generator. Generates anywhere between 1 word and 4 paragraphs of lorem ipsum and copies it to the clipboard.


Like lorem ipsum of images. A tiny service for creating placeholder images of various dimensions and categories.

Skala Preview

A Mac app with companion iOS app that sends lossless, colour accurate image previews to any iOS or Android device. Images are sent in realtime so you can preview your designs on your device while you edit.

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iOS Dev Tools

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Save weeks of design and development by starting your next iOS project with a functional Swift starter kit, containing boilerplate code & UI for features such as shopping, dating, food ordering, chatting, maps, Firebase, and more. Download one of our beautiful iOS app templates and build your MVP in minutes.

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A prototyping and usability testing tool for web and mobile apps. Koncept lets you create interactive prototypes using intuitive layout tools to add interactions, animations and gestures. You then decide which tasks you want to add to certain scenes, share the prototype with users and then start tracking accurate metrics on user behaviour, including task acceptance and completion rates, completion times, sessions and more. You can also view heat maps of each of you screens to view exactly where users are tapping.

Other Similar Tools


A drop-in SDK and backend service to provide user onboarding and self help for iOS and Android apps. Appunfold gives you intelligent visual walkthroughs to handhold your users through workflows and new features while giving you better analytics on the usage of your app. You can choose from 7 different UX elements to create custom onboarding workflows which can then be triggered contextually to make sure it's only shown to the right users. It can also help to reduce support requests with by letting you compose a self help section with text, images and videos.

Visual Studio App Center

A multi-platform CI solution from Microsoft. Visual Studio App Center lets you continuously build, test, release, and monitor apps for several platforms including native Swift/Objective-C iOS apps, React Native, Xamarin, macOS, and tvOS. It integrates with GitHub, Bitbucket, and VSTS and will automatically build and test your app on real hosted iOS and Android devices on every commit. You can also beta test your app with support for private distribution and TestFlight, and once your app is ready to release, you can submit it to the App Store or Google Play.


A tool created by the developers at LinkedIn that lets you run iOS tests in parallel using multiple simulators. In its simplest form, Bluepilll will run your tests on 4 simulators in parallel, producing a JUnit report when the test run completes. It will automatically pack tests into groups with similar running time, and can run in headless mode to reduce memory consumption. You can also supply a config JSON file to customise how your tests are run, including options to specify how many simulators to run, which device to use, how to handle failures, output formatting, and more.


A Mac OS X library for managing, booting and interacting with multiple iOS Simulators simultaneously. FBSimulatorControl is built by the engineers at Facebook and can simultaneously launch iPhone, iPad, watchOS and tvOS simulators, making if perfect for running end-to-end tests. It can boot Simulators via Xcode's or by launching directly with CoreSimulator. Direct launch supports video recording and fetching screenshots and crashlogs.


An add-on tool for FBSnapshotTestCase that makes the output of failed UI tests much more readable without the need for expensive image diffing software. snapdiff will parse xcodebuild output, detect any failed snapshot tests, and generate human-consumable HTML output. This output can be stored locally so can be handled by your CI scripts. The HTML output includes each test name along with side-by-side comparison of the reference and result images, and optional debug information if the tool has found a problem.


A test case created by the engineers at Facebook for testing UI code. FBSnapshotTestCase takes a configured UIView or CALayer and uses the renderInContext: method to get an image snapshot of its contents. It compares this snapshot to a reference image stored in your source code repository and fails the test if the two images don't match. A descriptive error message is printed to the console on failure along with a one-line command to see an image diff if you have Kaleidoscope installed.


A service that creates a beta testing website for your app. BoardingBot will create a site using the information and screenshots taken from iTunes Connect. You can also optionally enable BoardingBot to create a form page on your site for users to opt-in to beta testing and request a TestFlight invitation. You can also link a Facebook App Page, and BoardingBot will be able to answer chat messages from your Facebook fans and automatically send them TestFlight invitations if they provide their email address.


A command line tool for automatically generating Acceptance Tests in Xcode. AcceptanceMark lets you quickly generate XCTextCase classes in Swift to test multiple inputs by creating simple Markdown tables that describe all the possible input values and the expected output values. The tool generates the code to execute a test runner with all the inputs and compares the outputs with the expected values, for each row of the table. You just have to write the test runner code needed to pass the input to your system and return the output.


An A/B testing service and drop-in SDK for iOS, Android and Unity apps. Splitforce lets you test different designs and features with specific user segments that you can control remotely from the online dashboard. Changes can be rolled out instantly without the need to recompile and resubmit to the App Store. You can also let Splitforce auto-optimise your A/B tests by adjusting the frequency of variations based on a number of factors such as tap-through rate, or you can segment your users based on any information you collect using the targeting API.


An open-source iOS library in Swift that lets your testers and users send feedback with annotated screenshots and logs using a simple gesture. PinpointKit lets users add arrows, boxes, and text to screenshots to point out problems as well as blur out sensitive information, and include automatic, opt-in system log collection. There is no backend required as it just uses email to spend the generated screenshots and logs. PinpointKit is also extensible due to its protocol-oriented architecture that lets you create your own senders, log collectors and log viewers.

Breakout Room

A drop in SDK that lets you record and replay every user interaction including swipes, taps and even app crashes. Breakout Room lets you analyse your user experience by filtering sessions based on device type, session length, user events and dozens of other data points. It also integrates with Crashlytics and lets you replay every event leading to a crash. You have complete control over which elements of your app Breakout Room records, and it also works offline where recordings will be uploaded the next time the user is online.

Dependency CI

Automatic compliance testing for all of the dependencies in your application. Dependency CI checks the status, licenses and security of every library you depend upon as soon as you push. It will identify dependencies that are deprecated, unavailable, unmaintained or unlicensed early to help avoid potential issues. Dependency CI currently supports over 20 different package managers across several programming languages including Carthage and CocoaPods for iOS projects.


An integrated usability tool to design, test and analyse interaction prototypes. Quant-UX lets you create interactive prototypes, test it with real users and analyse their behaviour. Use the visual editor to create your interactive prototypes in minutes without writing any code, including a rich palette of iOS buttons, screen transitions and animations. Once your design is ready, you can share a link with your testers you can test your prototype on their iPhone. User interaction during a test is recorded and analysed in real time and visualised in various charts and heat maps.


An all-in-one tool for collecting user feedback, beta distribution, crash reporting and analytics. appOwiz provides drop-in SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows that give you a suite of beta testing features. In app bug and feedback reporting lets users identify mistakes and send their feedback in app including text, audio, and screen image and video captures. Built in crash reporting will also provide symbolicated crash logs. Reported bugs and crashes are accessible in the webpanel or can be forwarded to third party services like Bugzilla.


A new issue tracking app and service for Mac and soon iOS. Ship is fully native with offline support so you can search for issues, create and run queries, view charts, file new issues and update existing issues while offline. When you come back online, your changes automatically sync back to the server. It also has Slack integration which will notify you whenever changes are made, or you can use the Python and REST APIs to automate common tasks and link Ship with other tools. Ship is currently free but they do plan to start charging later this year.


An open source Objective-C testing framework from the developers at Skyscanner for altering object behaviours. Dixie provides a set of tools which developers can use to test their code, centred around the idea of creating chaos to test the worst case scenario. Examples of this could include: hijacking your app's localisation to simulate long strings or other unexpected text; inject mocked network responses so you don’t have to rely on real network communication; or injecting randomised properties to your data models to test your app's robustness.


A Swift library for generating fake data. Once installed, Fakery can generate a huge range of different dummy data, including names, addresses and phone numbers, businesses, payment information, lorem ipsum, sports teams, email and web addresses, IP address and passwords. It's also quite powerful when it comes to generation of locale-specific data - it includes JSON files for more than 20 locales. Fakery is useful in all the cases when you need to use some dummy data for testing, population of database during development, etc.


The latest edition to the fastlane suite of tools. scan makes it super easy to run tests of your iOS and Mac app. It does all the heavy lifting for you to run your tests. Running tests requires just a single command, the rest is handled for you with sensible defaults and a configurable Scanfile. It also offers integration with Travis and Slack and supports HTML, JSON and Unit reports. And in case you missed the news, fastlane is now part of Fabric.


A drop-in bug reporting and user feedback SDK for iOS apps. BugClipper lets your testers or users report issues directly from your app, with annotated screenshots, screen recordings and crash videos. You receive the bug reports with all the extra details you need including system information such as version, device type, network connectivity and more. BugClipper also provides an online dashboard which lets you manage all your apps in one place and monitor the issues in real time, collaborate with your team members and track progress.


A drop-in SDK and service that lets you add native FAQs to your app. AppFaqs removes the need for app updates to change your FAQs, instead you just need to update your FAQ page on the AppFaqs site and it's automatically updated in your app. AppFaqs currently supports iOS 8+ in Objective-C and Swift but support for Mac and Android is coming soon. Pricing is a monthly subscription based on the number of FAQ views across an unlimited number of apps. AppFaqs is also offering 50% off forever for iOS Dev Tools readers.

XcodeServer API Docs

Unofficial documentation of the Xcode Server API. With Xcode 7, Apple introduced an API which allows you to integrate Xcode Server with your workflow. XcodeServer API Docs aims to fix the lack of documentation for the new API. Many of the endpoints are already fully documented in the interactive Apiary documentation with more to be added soon. Each endpoint includes an example request including parameters, headers and body; and an example response with HTTP status code and body.


A drop-in SDK that makes it easy to have conversations with your users. With SupportKit installed your users can reach out to you through an interface that looks and feels like the iOS Messages app. Messages from your users are sent to your e-mail inbox, CRM system, or your team's Slack channel. When you reply to your user with your platform of choice, SupportKit instantly delivers your message directly into your app with an optional push notification. You can also set properties for each user so you know exactly who you're talking to when they send you a message.


An untethered bug reporting service for iOS and Android. Testfire lets your testers capture video with app logs and device details for every bug they find. Submitted bugs can include screen recording, gesture recording, last frame screenshots and screenshot annotations and will automatically include system or custom (Lumberjack, Logger, etc) log capture. Issue videos can then be replayed in the dashboard with synchronised log streaming to help you identify the bug. You can also add to the issue to one of several issue trackers using the integration with JIRA, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Trello and Fogbugz.

A continuous integration and deployment service purpose-built for native iOS and Android apps. automates your build-test-deploy cycles with configurable jobs that run every time code is pushed to your GitHub or BitBucket repository. A job can contain many different steps including compiling and code signing the app using xctool, running tests in frameworks like XCTest, OCUnit, and UIAutomation, and custom shell scripts. You can also test on real devices through their AppThwack integration. When all tests pass you can deploy your app through HockeyApp or Crashlytics and notify your team in Slack or HipChat.


An open-source Mac app that provides local and automatic testing of GitHub Pull Requests with Xcode Bots. Buildasaur syncs with GitHub so that whenever a Pull Request is created it will create a bot and perform an integration. The results of the integration are reported back to GitHub by changing the status of the latest commit and posting a comment in the Pull Request conversation. Buildasaur runs as a background Mac app, its configuration window goes away when you don't need it, but you can check sync status at any time from the menu bar.


A tool that provides a simple way to generate reports of the code coverage of your Xcode project. Once XcodeCoverage is installed either manually or using CocoaPods, whenever you run your unit tests you can execute 'getcov' from the command line to generate the coverage report in either HTML or Cobertura XML. By default, XcodeCoverage excludes Apple's SDKs, but the exclusion rules can be customised. It also includes a script that you can add as a test post-action to prompt to run code coverage after running unit tests.


An in-app customer support platform for mobile apps. Helpshift comes in the form of a drop-in SDK that allows your users to start an in-app conversation to help resolve their issues. You can respond to your users using the Helpshift web app with your responses being delivered as push or in-app notifications and it makes it easy to provide support with canned responses, bulk actions, and automations.


A free drop-in SDK that allows your users to send in-app feedback. You have the option to send any feedback you receive to several popular Project Management Systems or Issue Trackers including Pivotal Tracker, Trello, GitHub, BitBucket, Jira, and more. All received feedback is automatically tagged using sentiment analysis and classified as positive or negative or you create your own tags to easily group messages. Doorbell can also instantly notify you when you receive new feedback by email or in several popular Group Chat services including HipChat and Slack.


A drop in library that provides a simple interface for allowing your testers to provide feedback in app. The Tattle-UI library adds a floating button on every screen that the tester can click whenever they spot an issue. The library then takes a snapshot of the current screen for the tester to annotate and the option to record an audio note. Everything is then packaged into an email that automatically includes system information ready for the tester to send.


A Behavior Driven Development library that aims to make tests simpler and more readable than what is possible with the bundled test framework. Tests (or rather specs) are written in Objective-C and run seamlessley within Xcode. Specs are comprised of a set of functions that allow blocks of code to be run at various times within the contexts of your tests, and expectations that are the language you use to verify your object behavior. Expectations use readable verbs such as should, shouldNot, beIdenticalTo, containString, matchPattern and loads more. Kiwi also supports mock objects to imitate classes or protocols, stubs to return canned responses on selectors or message patterns, and asynchronous testing using asynchronous expectations such as expectFutureValue and shouldEventually.


A new fully featured in-app support solution for iOS. AppbotX is provides a drop-in library that offers a number of support features including: localised in-app notifications for communicating with your users; in-app user feedback that automatically captures device information such as OS version, device type, memory usage, disk usage and if the device is jailbroken; in-app FAQs that can be updated on the AppbotX web portal; version notifications that alert users to new versions available to download and "What's New" text once they've updated; and review prompts that channel happy users to leave reviews and unhappy customers to send you feedback directly. All the libraries are 100% open-source and available on GitHub so you can customise the look and feel, tweak the components to fit into your app.


A bug and feedback reporting service for iOS and Android. BlitFeedback provides a drop-in SDK that allows a user to give feedback while using your app. Users can create and send voice memos, screenshots, screen video recordngs and even create live screencast sessions so you can follow along in realtime. Reports can also be automatically forwarded to Jira, Bugzilla, GitHub, Bitbucket, Pivotal or email.


A really interesting testing tool that allows your test users to submit user experience feedback by just using the app. Once you've added the Lookback SDK to your app your test users will be given the option to record video and/or audio while they're using the app. The SDK records video from the front-facing camera while also tracking the screen and gestures. You can then view the captures with the slick Lookback web app - check out the demos to see for yourself. I can't think of a better or simpler way to collect test user feedback!


A paid alternative to TestFlight. Provides crash reporting, user feedback, ad hoc app distribution and app analytics.


A free testing service for mobile developers, managers and testers. Includes over-the-air ad hoc app distribution, monitoring tester engagement, logging and crash reporting.