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A self-hosted invoicing and project management app with an integrated client portal. Duet is hosted on your own server, which means your data is always private. You can also customise and brand Duet to match your business and its processes. It offers many of the project management features you'd expect including; Kanban boards and task lists; time tracking; discussions and team collaboration; email notifications; and loads more. Unlike many alternatives, Duet has just one up front fee so you can save a lot of money the longer you use it.

Other Similar Tools


A content collaboration platform for agencies, freelancers, and consultants. Amium brings together full-featured file sync and share capabilities with team messaging and chatrooms so your files and the discussion about those files are all in one place. You can preview documents in the app, and get full file version history along with the discussions around them. It also includes dozens of built-in integrations with your favourite tools including Bitbucket, Crashlytics, GitHub, JIRA, and more.


A online tool to help distributed teams work better together. Sococo gives you an online virtual office space where you team can get together to communicate. You can view where each of your colleagues are on the virtual map and call them into one of the meeting spaces of a private call. It reduces wasted time by minimising the need for scheduled meetings by encouraging the spontaneous interaction you would get in a real physical office. Sococo is available online, or by using one of the desktop clients for Mac, Windows and Linux, or on mobile using the iOS or Android app.

Paws for Trello

A beautiful Trello client for Mac. Paws for Trello brings the power of native Mac features to Trello including notifications whenever there’s new activity on your Trello boards, and global shortcuts to give you quick access to all your starred boards. The interface is just like the Trello you're used to and includes all your favourite Trello options and features, so you'll be productive from the start. Paws for Trello is available on the Mac App Store now, and a Windows 10 version is coming soon.


Public and private chat for GitHub. Gitter is built on top of GitHub, bringing unlimited public rooms and one-to-one chats to your repositories, with tight integration with your organisations, issues and activity. Unlike other chat services, Gitter is aimed specifically at developers, so includes features such as Markdown support with syntax highlighting, integrations with Trello, Jenkins, Travis CI, Heroku, BitBucket and loads more, and a flexible API and webhooks for custom integrations. They even offer a very generous free plan with unlimited public and private rooms.

Slack Manager

An Agile development tool for Slack. Slack Manager is a Slack bot that can automate and run your daily standup meetings in Slack. You can kick a meeting off at anytime by inviting the bot to a channel and writing 'start meeting'. Slack Manager will then go around each attendee asking what they completed yesterday and what they'll be working on today. Once everyone has answered, the responses will be summarised and sent to you by email. Slack Manager is completely customisable as well, you can configure question and email settings to suit your team.


An online tool that brings project management to GitHub issues. Codetree will import your issue data and keep it continually in sync when you create a project, so that every issue in Codetree corresponds directly to an issue or pull request on GitHub and vice-versa. CodeTree brings a whole load of extra features to GitHub issues, including multi-repo support, dependency tracking, powerful filters, drag and drop sorting, inline updates and Kanban boards.


An online service that lets geographically distributed teams quickly and easily share the progress of their projects. HeyUpdate lets you write a short update with what you got done at the end of the day or after each task. Know what everyone in your team is working on. Each day HeyUpdate will send a summary of what your team got done by email or in your Slack channel. It also integrates with loads tools you already use such as GitHub, BitBucket, HipChat, Trello, and loads more.


A project management suite that works natively within GitHub. ZenHub enhances your workflow with features built specifically for startups, fast-moving engineering teams, and the open-source community. The product is a Chrome extension that injects advanced functionality including real-time drag-and-drop Issue Task Boards, peer feedback via a +1 button, and support for uploading any file type directly into the GitHub interface. ZenHub makes it easy to centralise all processes into GitHub. It's free to use and other browser versions should be coming in the future.

Pivotal Tracker

A simple but powerful agile project management tool built specifically for software development. Pivotal Tracker covers all aspects of Agile including stories, points, velocity, backlogs, epics, etc. and allows easy collaboration between team members. The web app works really well allowing you to fully manage every aspect of your projects, but they also have a universal iOS app that does the same.


A lightweight Mac client for FogBugz, GitHub and JIRA that helps you in your everyday workflow with managing development tasks. It has a menubar helper app which lets you know what you’re working on and what you should be working on next, and also provides you with notifications so you always know what your teammates are working on as well.