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Developer Color Picker

A custom colour picker for developers that makes getting colours out of Photoshop/Acorn mock-ups quick and easy. Once you've picked your colour you can copy it you the clipboard in NSColor, UIColor, CGColorRef, CSS or HTML styles, with an optional declaration as well. Simple but extremely useful, especially because it is system wide.

Other Similar Tools

Reduce App

A simple Mac utility from the creators of Flawless to reduce the size of heavy Sketch files. Reduce app lets you drag in any Sketch file and it will attempt to optimise image sizes, remove broken images, delete hidden layers, and delete unused symbols with the aim of dramatically reducing the size of the file.


A new design tool for animated and interactive user interfaces. Haiku aims to connect design and implementation by generating native code that automatically updates in your apps as you design. It starts with designs imported from Sketch which you can then add animations to using the Haiku Mac app. You can then export your designs in native code using the Lottie framework on iOS and Android and React on the web. Once implemented you can use the Haiku command line tool to keep your app in sync while making changes to your designs in realtime.


A real-time comparison tool that lets you compare your expected and implemented designs. Flawless is built into iOS simulator so is easy to make part of your development workflow. You start by dragging in your designs in any of a number of different formats (including Sketch), which will then appear on your iOS simulator. You can then toggle between overlay or split comparison modes for spotting any visual differences between the expected design and your implementation.


A collection of tools from the developers and designers at Airbnb for building design systems and using them to generate cross-platform UI code, Sketch files, images, and other artifacts. Lona starts with a collection of JSON files that are used to define a design system including components, colours, text styles, gradients, shadows, and data type. The first tool is Lona Studio which provides a graphical interface for working with these JSON files. The second is Lona Compiler which converts the files to UI code for various targets. Currently only React Native is supported, but more platforms are planned.


A simple and powerful version control app and plugin for Sketch. Plant works to organise your projects by keeping track of all versions and metadata including date, time, and the user that pushed the specific version, giving you access to the entire creative history of a project. It can even handle conflict resolution allowing you to choose, combine or create a new artboard, and diff-ing to compare any two versions of an artboard. Plant’s panel lives inside Sketch's inspector letting you access current projects, add new projects, send your versions and will also notify you if there are changes that need to be loaded.

Balsamiq Cloud

An online tool for quickly creating low fidelity UI sketches and mockups. Balsamiq Cloud gives you a palette of UI components including buttons, device frames, media, and more, that you can drag, drop and resize to create simple UI wireframes to capture your ideas. You can then collaborate on your designs in real-time with colleagues using annotations, comments, alternate versions, and chat. Balsamiq Cloud is intentionally low fidelity, focusing on structure and usability over full designs making it one of the fastest ways to prototype.

Sketch Focus

A plugin for Sketch that aims to help boost your productivity while designing. Sketch Focus lets you add notes and tasks to your Sketch document, optionally linking them to your layers. When you select an item, Sketch Focus will automatically select, centre and zoom to any linked layers. You can also filter by items marked as important or items linked to visible or selected layers, and search for items by text.


A design handoff and collaboration tool for designers and developers. Sympli lets designers easily share style guides, specs, bitmaps and vector assets with developers in the best format to make it easier to implement. It starts with Sympli plugins for Photoshop and Sketch so designers can stick to the tools their used to. From there they can export their designs and share them with their teammates. Then the developers on the team can use the Xcode and Android Studio plugins to get every detail of the design just right. You can also explore designs and download assets through the Sympli web app.

iOS Design Kit

A huge library of app templates and iOS UI elements, combined into high-quality source files for Sketch and Adobe Photoshop. iOS Design Kit includes over 250 screens in 15 popular categories, as well as a library of interface elements, such as icons, search bars, alerts, tab bars, segmented controls, switches, keyboards and more. The whole lot is available for one fee, or you can get your hands on a collection of 62 screens and many core components for free!


A colour-blind simulator and contrast checker for Sketch. Stark is a Sketch plugin that helps you keep accessibility in mind when designing your apps. The preview window lets you see how your design looks for those who don’t see the way a typical person does. You can select from 8 different colour profiles to simulate the various forms of colour-blindness, or use the contract checker to ensure your colours, visuals and typography provide the best readability, legibility and contrast.


A platform that helps designers share their work with the rest of their team. Wake provides a handy Mac app that lets you share designs without leaving Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator with a simple keyboard shortcut. Designs are uploaded to the web where they are viewable by the rest of your team. Teammates can find what they're looking for by searching for people, tags, file types and dates, before adding annotations and feedback. There's also an iOS app for viewing and uploading designs on the move, as well as Slack and HipChat integration.


An online tool to create interactive prototypes and easily get feedback on your designs. Evrybo lets you link all your designs together and add transitions to get high-fidelity mobile, web and watch prototypes. You can then invite an unlimited number of people to give feedback with a public link. Clients and colleagues can add comment annotations direct on your designs. You can also view the entire collaboration history of your project including comments, invitations, files uploaded and more.

Auto Layout for Sketch

A Sketch plugin that lets you define layout constraints similar to Auto Layout on iOS helping you design interfaces for all device sizes. Auto Layout for Sketch uses simple pins to anchor elements to a edge or centre, or more advanced constraints that allow your designs to adapt to size changes in your artboards. Once your constraints are defined you can quickly create previews at a number of different standard screen sizes for most major platforms including iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Windows Phone 8, and more.

Apple UI Design Resources

The definitive iOS design resources created by the designers at Apple. The Apple UI Design Resources include Photoshop and Sketch templates, and other UI materials for quickly designing iOS apps. They include templates and guides, colour palettes, and the official San Francisco typeface. The included icon and glyph production files have even been preconfigured to automate asset production using Sketch slices or Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC.


A tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux that helps you turn your designs into code. Avocode lets you open and inspect PSD & Sketch designs, before giving you tools to export native code for a variety of platforms including iOS (Swift), web (CSS), Android, and React Native. You can also select any layer and export as a PNG, SVG or JPG up to @4x resolution. Version control keeps track of all your revisions, and collaboration tools such as sync plugins and Slack integration make it easy to share designs with your team.

A Nice Red

A super simple website for generating UI colours that complement your brand. A Nice Red lets you simply type in the hex code for your primary brand colour or pick it from the pop-up colour palette, and it will generate three colours that should fit nicely with your brand; a green for success states, a red for errors and an amber for warnings. Clicking a generated colour will copy the hex code ready to be pasted into the Xcode colour picker.


A simple iOS app that helps you visualise how Size Classes and layout margins look on real devices and how they change with respect to orientation, iPad multitasking (i.e. Slide Over/Split View) and Dynamic Type size changes. Adaptivity displays guides, sizes in pixels or points and current size classes over the top of many standard UI elements including pop-overs, modal presentations, split view controllers, tab bar controllers, and more. There's even two Notification Centre widgets, a notification content extension and an iMessage app to help you size up all kinds of apps.

Mocks 2

A mac app for designing mockups of iOS applications and screens. Mocks comes with a built-in collection of graphics depicting iOS UI controls and widgets (such as buttons, toolbars, and text fields). You can drag these controls from the Library palette to the Canvas area where you compose your mockups. Alignment guides (both automatic, and user-created) help you keep your designs in line, and a powerful bezier pen tool plus a large collection of shapes, arrows, images, and magnetic lines let you customise you designs further.

Origami Studio

The latest version of Facebook's prototyping tool based on their Origami plugin for Quartz Composer. Origami Studio is a fully featured design tool that lets you create prototypes with layers from Sketch, masks, particle systems, text, live cameras, and more. You can create and share your own reusable components, or pick from the library of pre-built Material and iOS components. Then you can bring it all to life with interactions and animations, all while previewing your designs in real time on device using the Origami Live app.


A web app to easily view, version, & share your Sketch files online. Once you've uploaded your Sketch files, SketchViewer displays them using the Canvas View that lets you pan and zoom your artboards. If you upload multiple versions of your Sketch files you can go back in time and view, compare, and pixel diff past versions. You also get a shareable link so you can demo your designs to your entire team.

Flinto for Mac 2

A comprehensive app prototyping tool for Mac that allows you to create anything from simple tap-through prototypes, to comprehensive prototypes with impressive interactions. Flinto for Mac 2 introduces the new Behaviour Designer feature that allows for the creation of micro-interactions that happen within screens. Things like scroll-based interactions, looping animation, toggle switches, button effects and many others can be created. Unlike Flinto Lite, Flinto for Mac 2 has a one-off price and includes a 14 day free trial.


A collection of free SVG stencils ready to drop into your wireframe designs. LittlePlane makes creating wireframes quick and easy by removing the need to design every element. Stencils are tagged and categorised so it's easy to find the UI element you need for mobile or desktop, and each design is downloadable as an SVG so will work with most design apps and is scalable to any size. They are also working on a Mac app that brings access to all stencils with search and drag & drop to your desktop.


An interface design tool with real-time collaboration. Figma lets multiple people work on the same files, and even the same elements, at the same time, with revisions constantly being saved with version history. If you're not a designer you can follow along with someone else's screen in Presentation Mode or view the design mirrored to a mobile device with Live Device Preview. You can also import your Sketch files to get started. Figma works on any operating system with desktop apps for Mac and Windows.


A free graphics editor used to create vector graphics easily and intuitively. Vectr is available online for can be downloaded for Mac, Windows or Linux for offline use. It offers all the typical features and tools you'd expect making it a great free option for designing iOS apps. Everything created in Vectr is available online for real-time collaboration. Others can watch you create and edit designs live, whether you’re in the web app or desktop version. Vectr has just left beta, and the developers have an open roadmap with more great features coming soon.

Sketch 40

Extremely popular vector design app for Mac. Sketch 40 is the latest version of the Adobe Illustrator alternative and comes with powerful new vector editing features that let you edit multiple shapes at the same time. You can also now perform non-destructive text transforms so you to easily convert text to uppercase or lowercase. Bohemian have also recently released their first two official plugins to help with compression on export.

iOS 10 UI Kit

A massive UI template including most iOS 10 UI elements as vector assets. The iOS 10 UI Kit is available for Photoshop and Sketch and includes most screens and common interface elements, controls, shapes, containers and icons. The files are well organised, making good use of Photoshop's artboards and Sketch's Symbols, Text Styles and Shared Styles. Like most of Apply Pixel's templates, the iOS 10 UI Kit is available to subscribing members to support future updates and new templates.


A prototyping tool for iOS. Tster lets you build wireframes and high-quality mockups directly on iPhone so you can run tests using real assets, transitions and interactions on your own device without writing any code. You can create your designs using shapes, text, icons and images, or pick from a library of native UI elements including tab bars, nav bars, table views, alerts, and loads more. Then you can add interactions and transitions before exporting to Sketch or sharing by URL.

Colour Contrast Analyser for Sketch

A simple plugin for Sketch that calculates the colour contrast of two layers and evaluates it against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Colour Contrast Analyser for Sketch will give you a score of AAA, AA or fail because of a lack of contrast. And even when you do not need to meet those requirements, you can get a feeling for the contrast when you get used to the values. If only a single layer is selected, than it will calculate with its artboard background colour. Making your app accessible to more people is extremely important and this plugin should make designing it easier.

Adobe Experience Design

A Mac app that lets you design and prototype websites and mobile apps. Adobe Experience Design is an all-in-one tool for UX designers with which you can quickly create wireframes and visual designs, preview changes in real time, and share prototypes with your team for instant feedback. As Experience Design is part of Creative Cloud it also seamlessly integrates with Adobe's other apps so you can bring your Photoshop and Illustrator assets straight into the app. Experience Design is currently free to download and try while in Preview.

Device Mockups

A collection of ready to use vector device mockups that you can use to create product mockups, UI flows, wireframes, illustrations for mobile apps, or presentations. Device Mockups currently includes 32 Apple devices including all iPhones from the original to iPhone 6s Plus, Apple Watch, iPad including Pencil, laptops and desktops, even Apple TV with display. Each device is provided in Sketch, Illustrator and SVG formats, using symbols and styles to make them easily customisable. It also includes Powerpoint & Keynote ready files making them ideal for presentations.


A plugin for Sketch that creates beautiful colour palette artboards automatically from the colours in your Sketch project. Prism takes your 'Document Colours', and with a single command, creates a fully customisable colour palette with automatic colour naming, and the colour expressed in a handful or different formats. You can also export the colours into code in several formats, including UIColor in Objective-C and Swift. Everything is customisable allowing you to change the palette template or add new export formats.


A free Sketch plugin and Mac app combination that lets designers export an inspectable graphical representation of a design project that developers can use as detailed design specification. Sketchode gives developers access to fonts, colours, opacity, size, position, shadows, images and loads more design details without having to launch Sketch and view the original designs. It also integrates with JIRA so you can automatically upload and download design projects directly from issues.

Size Classes

A simple reference guide that describes what size classes are used across all iOS devices in various scenarios. Since the iPhone 6 Plus and the addition of multitasking on the iPad, it has become difficult to keep track of which size class applies to which device in all scenarios. Size Classes details the horizontal and vertical size class for all iPhones back to iPhone 4s and all iPads back to iPad 2 in 10 different scenarios including modal, popover, split views and multitasking.

UI Check

An iOS app that allows you to conveniently measure UI elements directly from your screenshots.
 Simply select a screenshot from your camera roll and tap or double tap to measure pixel and point dimensions, rectangles and angles. You can also tap and hold to get the hex colour for any pixel under your finger, or add guides for screen halves, thirds or the iOS defaults. UI Check is a useful little app for designers and developers to double-check prototypes and make sure the layout is pixel perfect.

Silver Flows

A Sketch plugin that lets you build lightweight mobile prototypes from within your Sketch document. Silver Flows is perfect for making quick, flow-based prototypes, but it also plays nice with Framer.js to help you add micro-interactions to your prototypes. Out of the box you can convert layers to fixed headers and footers for realistic scrolling, add editable input fields, link artboards together with native push, pop, modal and dismiss transitions, embed web views and get access to hardware features such as the camera.


A prototyping app for iOS that lets you create native app demos without writing any code. Demonstrate prototypes make use of native transitions & gestures, allowing you to import your paper or whiteboard sketches and designs from the photo library or Dropbox. You can then add hotspots and link screens to create complete workflows, before sharing the project in editable or play-only format. Demonstrate is free to try with 1 prototype and 4 screens but can be unlocked for unlimited use with a single in app purchase.

A prototyping tool for creating interactive wireframes and mockups. provides an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and built-in, native-looking UI libraries for iOS, Android and Windows that you can use with your custom designs. You can then add touch events and complex animations before testing on a real device using the companion iOS app. You can share your prototypes with friends and colleagues to get instant feedback or export the screens as great looking PDFs, images or HTML demo.

iOS 10 UI

A complete UI kit created in Sketch for the new iOS 10 UI. iOS 10 UI includes all the new screens, apps, icons, effects and much more from the latest version of Apple's operating system. Every element is created using vectors so is infinitely scalable and resizable, and makes use of Sketch's Symbols for easy customisation and re-use. Many elements have been assembled into templates for the new iOS 10 widgets and notifications which make a create starting point for designing for iOS 10. iOS 10 UI is free to download and open source on GitHub.


A collection of over 200 screens for iOS guidelines, divided into 26 popular content categories including navigation, search, settings, profiles, walkthroughs, and loads more. Platforma can be used to quickly create mockups and prototypes without having to design every element from scratch. The kit also includes several pointers and gestures elements so you can mark transitions and interactions to build a UX flowchart. Platforma is currently available for Sketch and Photoshop with Illustrator coming soon.


A web-based, enterprise-grade product design and prototyping platform that enables teams to design, iterate and implement together. Atomic lets you create designs and prototypes from scratch, or bring in assets from another design tool. You can collaborate with your team on the same designs at the same time with real-time updates and changes, and unlimited undo lets you slide back to any point in time in your document. You can prototype nuanced interactions and transitions, and preview them on your mobile device before sharing with others to test and give feedback.