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Most developers debug their apps from logs generated by the application. If you've ever received bug or issue reports from users, you'll know they can be hard to replicate.

Bugfender is the simplest way to collect your app's usage data from real users on real devices. It's easy-to-use SDK can be setup in under 60 seconds, which sends logs to our online storage service. You can filter through logs, devices and even individual users to help identify issues, fix bugs and provide even better customer support.

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Attributed String Creator

A simple Mac app that makes creating complicated attributed strings really easy. Attributed String Creator gives you a rich text editor where you can write or paste your text and style it up with fonts, sizes, styles, colours, alignment and more. It will then generate all the iOS or OS X compatible Objective-C ready to paste into your Xcode project.

Other Similar Tools


A small utility that makes the custom fonts in your iOS projects available in Interface Builder. Since iOS 3.2, you can use custom fonts in your iOS apps by adding the UIAppFonts Info.plist key. Unfortunately though, these custom fonts are not available when editing your xib files in Interface Builder. MoarFonts fixes this.

iOS Fonts

A complete list of all the system fonts available on various versions of iOS (from iOS 4 to current). Includes search, preview and iPhone/iPad availability.