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AppManager is a web-based service to manage the screenshots, app previews and metadata of your apps in one central and comfortable place and upload them to the different app stores.

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A website by Mattt Thompson with complete searchable full-text transcripts of WWDC sessions. This site is awesome if you can't remember the exact session that covered the topic you're after and don't want to scrub through video after video. Each session's transcript is displayed in full and also linked to the session video on

Other Similar Tools


A fantastic free collection of learning resources for Swift and iOS developers. Skilled includes over 75 videos, presentations and articles from well-known developers from the iOS and Swift community. Most of the posts feature conference talks including videos, full searchable transcripts, code samples and links to GitHub projects and other useful resources. Definitely subscribe to the email newsletter so you don't miss out on any of the new content added to the collection.


A new video series exploring functional programming in Swift. Point-Free is hosted by two ex-Kickstarter engineers who have a real interest in functional programming. Each episode aims to take a topic that may seem complex and academic and dissects it making it simple to understand. Episodes are transcribed for easy searching and reference, and come with fully-functioning Swift playgrounds so that you can experiment with the concepts discussed. The first episode is free to watch with future episodes available with a subscription.

A catalogue of the best online programming courses and tutorials. lets you search over 100 different programming languages and platforms — including iOS, Swift and Objective-C — for user submitted tutorials each voted on by the programming community. Each course is tagged up by cost, type, platform/language version, and difficulty level making it easier to find the best course for you. If you know a course or tutorial that is missing from the list, you can submit it and earn reputation and badges.


An online service that helps you connect with an expert mentor to help you in real time. Codementor has a directory of over 5000 domain experts across more than 100 categories who can provide you with live debugging help, code review and pair programming via screen sharing, video, and text chat. You start by posting your request for either live 1:1 help or a long-term mentor, and Codementor will connect you with an expert. If you consider yourself a bit of an expert, you can apply to become a mentor and get paid to help others with their programming problems.

Server-Side Swift

A new book that teaches you Swift for the server and web development through real-world projects. Server-Side Swift takes you from beginner to intermediate with IBM's Kitura framework for server-side Swift using 12 practical projects. The course covers everything from sessions, databases, and logging, to templating, user authentication, and more, all in the latest version of Swift. You'll end up with a huge library of finished projects you can develop further or use as the base for something entirely new.

iOS 10 Sampler

An Xcode project with 16 sample implementations of the new APIs available in iOS 10. iOS 10 Sampler is a great supplement to Apple's documentation as it provides real examples of how to use the new APIs. Samples currently include Live Photo capture, property animators, rich notifications, sticker packs, neural networks in Metal, and more. The creator has also been accepting pull requests, so you can contribute if there is an API you think they've missed.

Swift Talk

A new weekly video series from the creators of that talks through solutions to problems found while building Swift projects. Each Swift Talk episode is packed with live-coding and discussions about the pros and cons of their decisions. Half the videos will be available to everyone for free, with the other half accessible only to subscribers. Each video includes a full transcript with lots of code snippets and timecode links to jump straight to the part of the video you need.

15 Days of Animations in Swift

A project where the author, Larry Natalicio, learns how to complete 15 popular iOS animation techniques in 15 days with 15 open source iOS projects. 15 Days of Animations in Swift includes several common animations used in iOS apps including animated progress bars, stretchy tableview headers, pull-to-refresh animations, and collapsable navigation bars. Each animation is available as a complete Xcode project so is a great resource to learn animation techniques from or get inspiration for your own.

Swift Algorithm Club

A GitHub repo containing example implementations of loads of popular computer science algorithms and data structures in Swift. The Swift Algorithm Club aims to provide detailed explanations of how algorithms work. The focus is on learning, clarity and readability of the code, not on making a reusable library that you can drop into your own projects. All the examples use modern Swift 2.1 for compatibility with Xcode 7.2 and will be kept up to date as Swift evolves. Whether you're new to programming or a seasoned professional, you will definitely learn something here.


An open source Apple TV app that lets you watch WWDC & Tech Talks videos on your TV. WWDCTV is a basic app that gives you access to videos from the 2016 and 2013 Tech Talks as well as WWDC 2011 - 2015. Each video includes the title, session number and short description, and can be favourited and filtered so you can quickly find the video you're after. The creator is accepting pull requests on GitHub so you can submit any ideas you might have for additional features.

Awesome Swift Education

A massive curated list of resources for learning about the Swift Language. Awesome Swift Education includes everything you need to master Swift including books, videos, learning resources, blogs, open source Swift, and loads more. Each resource included in the list is tagged with a handy emoji to signify the type or resource, whether it's a repository, Gist, blog post, newsletter, or one of several other types. The list is curated on GitHub so you can also submit a pull request if you think something is missing.

A great collection of videos about Mac and iOS development, and Swift. aims to be the Apple development version of, an indexed collection of development videos from all over the internet. The collection currently contains over 500 videos from nearly 30 different events and conferences, and is fully indexed by speaker, event and tag so you can easily find the video you need. The site is also open source on GitHub so you can submit a pull request for any videos you'd like to submit.

Hacking with Swift

A free training course that teaches you app development using Swift, covering everything from the absolute basics to creating a Flappy Bird clone using the latest frameworks. Hacking with Swift teaches you using 36 hands-on projects, so you can immediately apply your knowledge as you learn. All these projects are written for Swift 2, so everything is up to date with the latest changes to the language. There are also a number of standalone articles that can be read at any time to supplement what you are learning in the course.

Swift A Day

A interesting project from Linda Dong who is tackling a Swift experiment each day. So far, Swift A Day has covered SpriteKit, SceneKit, animations, gestures and the accelerometer. Linda has also made all the source code for her projects available on GitHub so you can follow along with her projects each day.

UI Talks

A library of over 100 conference talks by over 70 experts on anything related to User Experience design. UI Talks collects the best recorded talks on UX from events like An Event Apart, TED, The Next Web Conference and Webstock, in one searchable place. The talks cover every aspect of UX design including mobile, animation, app design, prototyping and loads more. You can browse the library by event, expert or topic and each video includes recommendations for what to watch next.


An interactive iOS app that helps you learn to code in Swift on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Swifty teaches Swift with over 200 interactive lectures that include everything from basic concepts (variables, if and else, loops) to advanced topics like optionals, tuples and classes. The lectures allow you to actually type and run Swift on your iOS device with instant feedback. The first chapter is free and you can unlock the rest with a very reasonably priced in app purchase, and new lectures are added for free.

Master iOS Design

An online course that aims to teach you all about designing for iOS. Master iOS Design is a free course that is split into several sections that cover everything from design principles to applying those principles to an actual iOS app, each providing real examples of where the principles you're learning have been applied to apps in the App Store.


A website of articles that study and investigate some of the most innovative interfaces on iOS. Subjective-C has currently covered Facebook Paper's tilting panner and Spark Camera's recording meter and both articles are great reads. The articles provide analysis and speculation on how the interfaces are implemented using tools such as Reveal, and also provide code snippets of how to reimplement the features yourself. I'm looking forward to reading more.


Another great selection of online courses that teach students how to build websites & apps, write code or start a business. There are over 1000 videos along with many quizzes and interactive code challenges that will count towards badges and achievements to indicate the skills you have learnt. The Treehouse website looks great on iPad as well so you can learn while out and about. It's also worth checking out the free Treehouse Show - a weekly video news show from Nick Pettit and, the King of Troll, Jason Seifer.

Code School

Online course that teaches web technologies and programming topics by focusing on video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts. They provide an iOS path that covers iOS fundamentals, Objective-C and Xcode. Many course and videos are free but you can also enroll for $29 per month for unlimited access to all content including guest screencasts.


A community for developers to unlock & share new skills. You can learn from experts about the latest languages, tools & technologies or share your own pro tip and get feedback from other developers. You can share code snippets, tutorials or thought pieces.

Ray Wenderlich

Probably the biggest collection of free iOS tutorials on the Internet. Ray and his team have written tutorials for all aspects of iOS app and game development and are adding more all the time. They have also published several books that you can buy from the store.

Try Objective-C

An interactive course from Code School that teaches the basics of the Objective-C language for iOS development beginners. You can subscribe to play more advanced iOS courses, but this course (and the first level of all courses) is free to play.


A weekly journal, by Mattt Thompson, of the overlooked bits in Objective-C and Cocoa. This is one of the best iOS development blogs on the internet. If you're not reading it you are doing yourself a disservice.


Weekly bite-sized screencasts on iOS development. A new video is published each week covering a new topic. There are some free videos in the catalog, but the majority of them are for subscribers only.

A periodical about best practices and advanced techniques in Objective-C. is published once a month and each issue of has a focus on one particular subject, with multiple articles covering different aspects of that topic.