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A new service that lets you run iOS simulators directly in the browser. You can use for many purposes, including debugging and testing your apps, sharing with colleagues and clients, or anything else you can think of. Simply upload a zipped up simulator build of your app via the website or API. You will then immediately be able to run your app in the browser, or embed it as an iframe anywhere else. Supports both iPhone and iPad, device rotation, custom launch params, and more. Currently free and in beta.

Other Similar Tools


A simple tool that let's you upload hundreds of different and localised screenshots, metadata and app previews to App Store Connect with a single click. AppManager lets you drag and drop in all your screenshots and it will figure out device sizes, ordering and localisations based on file name. Metadata can also be uploaded for multiple localisations in a simple CSV or JSON format. All your screenshots get saved on AppManager's servers so in case App Store Connect is not available it will automatically retry uploading your screenshots and you'll get a notification once all screenshots are uploaded.


A cloud-based continuous integration and delivery platform that helps you release defect-free mobile apps. Nevercode will automatically detect and configure your iOS, Cordova and Ionic projects from GitHub and Bitbucket. Then the code signing collector will fetch all signing files for you. You can run UI and unit tests using Appium, XCTest or KIF, and target real devices or multiple simulators, or catch potential bugs with static code analysis. You can also share your build status with your team instantly via Slack, HipChat or Email and deploy to iTunes Connect, HockeyApp, Crashlytics and Testfairy.


A simple online over-the-air app distribution service. BuildTry provides a super simple free alternative to the more complex distribution services such as TestFlight, Crashlytics, HockeyApp, etc. No need to manage user groups, or wait for processing, you just upload your IPA or APK and it gives you a link to share with your testers. Links expire after 15 days and allow 25 installations per app, and uploaded apps must be under 400MB.

fastlane Plugins

A new, modular way to create and distribute actions for fastlane. fastlane Plugins allow actions to be added faster because they aren’t bundled into the main fastlane repository, giving everyone the power to invent, share, and deploy new plugins without waiting for PRs to be approved and gems to be updated. Developers can find new and existing plugins right from fastlane with the 'search_plugins' command and quickly add them your workflow with the 'add_plugin' command.


Embeddable and hosted TestFlight beta sign-up forms. Boombox lets you quickly and easily set up a form that makes it really simple for your users to sign up as TestFlight beta testers. After authenticating with iTunes Connect you are given a form that you can embed in your own site, and a hosted version in case you don't have a site. You can also optionally add a URL to which users are redirected after they successfully sign up, and there's Mailchimp integration to automatically add your new beta testers to a email list. Boombox is currently free while in beta.


An app distribution platform for iOS and Android. InstallFish lets you choose your URL, from which your clients or testers can download & install your app directly to their device. You can password protect the whole process, prompt for installer details or omit all that and let them get the app with a single click. Accounts start at free for unlimited installs of up to 5 apps, but you can pay to get access to extra features such as customisable branding, logo and background, or a complete branded App Store. It also integrates with Slack, HipChat, email and the command line.


A mobile continuous integration and continuous delivery platform for iOS and Android. With Buddybuild, a git push to Github, BitBucket, GitLab or any other git server automatically kicks off a new build and runs any tests for your app. It can also deploy builds to users while managing UDIDs, iOS provisioning profiles and signing identities automatically, or submit to TestFlight using the built-in iTunes Connect integration. The visual bug reporter can capture annotated screenshots and sends them right to buddybuild or your favorite bug tracker, and crash reporting is build in to the drop-in SDK.


A self-hosted CI/CD platform that gives you control over your development workflow. Buildkite supports any language or platform including Xcode builds, and can run on various environments including OS X and Linux. You can configure powerful pipelines that run steps in parallel across multiple build agents, and take advantage of automation tools to share data between build steps and across agents. There's a complete API that lets you access your data and control your pipeline, or you could use the Boxkite app by Reformed Software to manage your Buildkite builds from your iPhone and Apple Watch.


A tool to automatically create and maintain iOS code signing certificates. cert is part of the fastlane set of tools but can also be used independently. With a few simple commands you can create a new private key, create a new signing request, generate, download and install the certificate and import all the generated files into your Keychain. It will also check if any of the available signing certificates are already installed on your local machine so will only create what it needs to.


A tool that aims to simplify code signing by syncing your certificates and profiles across your team using git. match introduces a new approach to code signing by sharing a single code signing identity across your entire development team, simplifying your code signing setup and preventing code signing issues. It will handle all the heavy lifting of creating and storing your certificates and profiles, and encrypts everything using OpenSSL and a passphrase to keep everything secure.


A simple standalone tool for OS X that shows a notification once your newly uploaded build was successfully processed by iTunes Connect. WatchBuild keeps an eye on the apps you've submitted to iTunes Connect so that you don't have to. As the processing time varies from a few minutes to multiple hours, it's easy to forget to check iTunes Connect to see if the build is ready, so a simple notification is a helpful reminder. You can also directly click on the notification to open the build on iTunes Connect.


A tool that lets you manage your TestFlight testers and builds from the command line. pilot is another addition to the fastlane set of tools but can also be used independently. With a few simple commands you can manage all the important features of Apple's TestFlight using your terminal, including: upload new builds and distribute them to all testers; list all available builds; add and remove beta testers; get information about testers, like their registered devices; and export and import all your testers.


A tool that lets you create new iOS apps on iTunes Connect and Apple Developer Portal using the command line. produce is another addition to the fastlane set of tools but can also be used independently. With a few simple commands you can create new apps on both iTunes Connect and the Apple Developer Portal, modify Application Services, create App Groups and associate apps with App Groups. As with all fastlane tools, it's really simple to use and could save you loads of time.


Continuous Integration and Delivery for iOS, with dozens of integrations for your favourite services. Bitrise lets you stick to the services you know and have used before, but instead of requiring you to jump between browser tabs to set up a build, testing and deployment, Bitrise lets you configure and run your workflow in one place. There are currently nearly 40 supported integrations including Amazon S3 deployment, HipChat and Slack messages, Xcode build, analyse and test, fastlane, and more are being added.


A command line tool that builds and packages iOS apps for you making it easy to generate a signed ipa file. gym is another addition to the fastlane set of tools but can also be used independently. Using gym you can created an Ripa with just a single command thanks to sensible defaults that automatically detect the project and its schemes. It'll help you resolve build errors such as code signing issues, provides inline build output and saves time with 30% faster builds than other similar tools.


A Mac app that lets you prepare, re-sign and deliver iOS apps to your testers. AirSign can load any .ipa or .xcarchive file and display its properties, such as Bundle Identifier, Marketing and Build Version and even Required Device Capabilities. You can then edit properties and override identifiers including URL Schemes and Bundle Identifier before verifying that the app is not breaking basic rules which could cause upload to the App Store to fail. Your modified app can then be resigned and distributed to your testers using Dropbox or S3, or exported back to Xcode as an .xcarchive file.


A tool to instantly create a simple signup page for TestFlight beta testers. boarding is the latest addition to the fastlane set of tools but can also be used independently. Once deployed to Heroku, boarding only requires your iTunes Connect credentials and your app's bundle identifier to get set up. There are additional options to protect the signup page with a password or to temporarily disable enrolment with a simple message to visitors. Like all the fastlane tools, boarding is a real timesaver.


A Ruby library that exposes the Apple Developer Center API. Spaceship is fast, well tested and supports all of the operations you can do via the browser. From the creators of fastlane, Spaceship was written to improve the speed of the fastlane tools by removing front-end web scraping. With Spaceship, sigh is now up to 90% faster! Spaceship provides resistance against front-end design changes of the Dev Portal due to its fast communication using only a HTTP client, and gives object oriented access to all resources.

A drop in SDK that lets you react to production issues in real time. lets you remote-control your user's app settings and parameters, as well as fixing or containing errors and issues in real time while the app is in production - without waiting for a full release cycle. You can access your app's functions and patch them using pre-defined solutions or use in-app alert messages to keep your users in the loop. Additional features include UI changes (buttons, images, etc), creation of analytics events on the fly, and advanced logging and debugging.


A Safari extension for iOS developers using Apple’s TestFlight. Every time you submit a new beta for review, there is a “Beta Information” section that has to be filled out. All of the fields are blank even though you’ve filled out all of the same info before, possibly dozens of times. BetaFill lets you quickly save that info so you can fill it in with one click next time.


An open source tool for defining and running deployment pipelines to automate deployment for all your build environments. fastlane lets you define multiple 'lanes' for your different build environments, such as test, beta or App Store, which connect together all your build tools into a single automated workflow. fastlane includes pre-defined actions for CocoaPods, xctool, snapshot, sigh, deliver, frameit, HockeyApp, Slack and more, or you can create your own custom actions or scripts. fastlane is a great tool to speed up your deployment process.


A hosted continuous integration platform for automated building, testing, and deployment for iOS apps. Distiller connects with your GitHub and Bitbucket repositories and will automatically rebuild and retest with every new commit you make. It also integrates with Testflight & Hockey so you can automatically deploy any green build with zero engineering support. You can get started with Distiller for free with a 14 day trial and there are a selection of price plans after that.


A tool that lets you manage all your iOS provisioning profiles from the command line. With just one command, Sigh can download the latest provisioning profile for your app, renew a provisioning profile, repair a provisioning profile when it is broken and create a new provisioning profile if it doesn't exist already. It supports App Store, Ad Hoc, Enterprise and Development profiles as well as multiple Apple accounts, multiple teams and storing your credentials securely in the Keychain. Sigh is a better option than letting Xcode manage everything as it gives you control and can easily be integrated into your CI-server.


A command line tool that will create a .pem file containing your push notifications certificate ready to be uploaded to your server. PEM manages the whole push provisioning process - by running one command it will create a new signing request, create a new push certificate, download the certificate and generate a new .pem file in the current working directory. You can also pass optional parameters to specify a particular app or to create a development certificate instead. Very simple, but a real time-saver.


A command line utility that brings continuous deployment to iOS. Deliver automates the whole process of updating your iOS app by allowing you to upload IPA files, app screenshots and more to the iTunes Connect backend with just one command. After installing, running 'deliver init' from the command line will create a new Deliverfile that contains all the configuration including where to find IPA files and screenshots along with iTunes metadata. Once configured, you can run 'deliver' to deploy a new app update. You can even configure Deliver to give you a PDF preview of the fetched metadata before uploading the app metadata and screenshots to Apple.


A humble replacement of Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility for installing ad hoc apps on iOS devices. As the app installation feature of iPhone Configuration Utility is broken on Mavericks there aren't many simple ways of installing an ad hoc build directly onto a device. AppStaller can solve this problem until Apple get their act together.


A small and simple menu bar app for getting fast access to your iPhone Simulator apps. SimPholders provides options to open folders in Finder, reset library and documents, and delete the selected apps. The menu shows recently changed apps and displays the app icon, name, bundle identifer, version number and bundle size.

CocoaDeveloper Quicklook Plugin

A Quicklook Plugin for previewing application and provision information. It displays app and provision information for ipa, iOS mobileprovision and OSX provisionprofile files including app icon, name, version, bundle identifier and device names from the Developer Portal. Simple but very useful.

iOS App Release Checklist

A very thorough pre-flight checklist for submitting an app to the App Store compiled by Dave Addey. It covers feature testing, device coverage, network conditions and locale settings. You can download the checklist as a Pages document or a PDF, but there is also a copy in a GitHub repo that's accepting contributions.

Sim Deploy

A useful little Mac utility that deploys builds to the simulator. It's helpful when trying to deploy simulator builds to non-techie people as it is just drag and drop. You can also install builds from remote URLs using the custom URL scheme and it integrates with your continuous integration strategy as well.

iOS Support Matrix

The definitive iOS version/device matrix chart. It includes all the data you need including hardware specs, minimum and maximum supported iOS versions, retina display support and even Geek Bench ratings. Very handy!


A really useful Mac app that helps you identify unavailable, deprecated and obsolete API usage in your Xcode projects. Helped me spot crashing bugs on several occasions.


A Mac app that scans your Xcode projects to find unused resources with the goal of reducing the size of your app. Also finds other problems such as missing @2x images and duplications.