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New TeaCode

Take "Do not Repeat Yourself” to the new level by using dynamic snippets that expands short text into the final code. Write any code faster and stay focused. Application works with almost any editor or IDE and comes with over 80 built-in expanders (dynamic snippets).


A productivity tool that lets you collect together all the things you need to work on your project(s) in one place. Freeter provides you with a dashboard for each project where you can add a number of useful widgets. This includes a Commander widget, that lets you execute a command line script or command with a single click; a File Explorer widget to view a file and folder tree; an Opener widget to get one click access to specific files and folders; a Webpage widget to load any site such as a task manager or dev site; and several more.


A private time tracking app for Mac. Qbserve detects activities automatically with an ever-expanding database of over 6,800 sites, apps and games, and categorises them as productive, neutral or distracting to help you understand your habits. You can also assign windows of a single app to different categories, which you could use to differentiate between productive and distracting chats in Slack. All the tracked information is only stored locally on your machine and you can pause tracking whenever you want or choose to ignore certain activities. And now it can track projects automatically, so there's no need to manually start and stop tasks, and generates invoices for projects.


A productivity app to automate your meetings. Solid sends automated reminders to all participants before the meeting, making sure they’ll contribute to the agenda in advance and come prepared. During the meeting, Solid’s text editor lets participants quickly take notes, mark decisions made, open issues, and assign tasks to other attendees. After the meeting, Solid automatically sends the meeting summary to every participant. They have also just added a Slack integration which lets you keep track of and manage your meetings right from your Slack chat.


A plugin for Slack that automatically saves the links you share in your chats and fully indexes these web pages for deep search in Slack or the Kifi web app. Kifi adds Slack attribution to indicate the channel the link is coming from, preserving the context of the team discussion you had in Slack. When you search on Slack, Google and Kifi, you can click the timestamp to be brought back to the exact message that link was shared in. They also provide iOS and Android apps for organising and browsing your libraries of shared links.


An OS X app that helps you keep track of the time you spend on your Mac. Timing automatically tracks which documents you are editing, which applications you use, and which websites you visit. After tracking, you can drag and drop activities into projects. Some general categories like "Web Browsing", "Office" and "Games" are created automatically, but you can customise them any way you like. Unlike similar services, Timing does not send your data to any servers and there is no subscription required.


A menubar app that helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive. RescueTime runs securely in the background on your computer and tracks time spent on applications and websites, giving you an accurate picture of your day. Activities are automatically categorised by type (e.g. software development, reference and learning, utilities) and productivity level with which you can set goals and alerts to help you stay focused.


A small collection of useful tools for app developers and designers. LaunchKit includes Review Monitor and Sales Reporter, Slack plugins that automatically posts App Store reviews and sales reports to Slack or your email. It was also recently updated to include App Websites, a tool that creates and hosts a mobile-ready, smart solution for anyone who needs to quickly launch a website for their app. The website is automatically generated from the App Store page and includes device specific tags and metadata tags for popular social networks.


A simple utility that gives you quick access to all the keyboard shortcuts for any application. Just hold the command key for a second or two to get a list of all active keyboard shortcuts for the current application. CheatSheet works on any application but it's particularly useful with Xcode to help remind you of one of its countless shortcuts. You may even find some hidden gems you didn't even know about.

Quick Look Plugins

An excellent collection of useful Quick Look plugins for developers. Each Quick Look plugin can be downloaded and installed manually or installed using Homebrew Cask. My favourites are QLColorCode which allows you to preview source code files with syntax highlighting, QLMarkdown for previewing Markdown files in their HTML form, and QuickLookJSON for previewing JSON files with pretty formatting and collapsible sections. The repository owner is also accepting pull requests so you can suggest your own plugins.


Not strictly a development tool, but I can't use my Mac without it. Alfred is what Spotlight should have been - it's an application launcher, search bar, clipboard and snippet manager, calculator, dictionary, and more all rolled into one lightweight app. Where Alfred gets really powerful though is with custom workflows that allow you to trigger actions or scripts from any keyword or hotkey. Check out the Workflows on the Alfred Forum to see what I mean.