Screen Sizes Review

Screen Sizes

Screen Sizes is a comprehensive web app that gives you all the knowledge you need to create the right size assets for your apps. It also helps you figure out which devices support which features.

Screen Sizes pros/features:

  • When new devices are released, Screen Sizes is updated as quickly as possible. This means Screen Sizes always has the latest devices.
  • Screen Sizes is a progressive web app that allows you to view it on any device and install it locally to run offline.
  • Comprehensive charts are included to help you compare different devices’ features and properties.
  • A wide range of guides are included to help you export different types of assets like icons and app store screenshots.

Screen Sizes cons:

  • If you are looking for screen details for Macs or Apple Vision, they aren’t covered here due to the variable nature of those devices.
  •  The data for devices is geared towards asset creation. Thus, if you are looking for a comprehensive encyclopedia of all device data that isn’t covered.


Screen Sizes is completely free to access. It contains a small ad, and there is a tip jar if you wish to donate.


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