ScanTexter Review


What is ScanTexter?

With the help of ScanTexter you don’t have to type or copy the text yourself; select it as if you were taking a screen capture, and it will automatically recognize and translate it.

What does ScanTexter do?

The ScanTexter app can not only extract text from the screen but also translate it automatically. 

A user can extract text from the screen and select the area they want to translate. (Shortcut ⌥A)

After pressing the hotkey and selecting the area on the screen you wish to translate, you can see the extracted text and the translated text in the menu bar popup in detail.

Benefits and unique features of ScanTexter

ScanTexter Benefits
  • The app can extract text from your screen and translate it automatically.
  • The app has fast OCR technology speed and high-quality character recognition and translation results.
  • The app can translate to more than 163 languages.
  • The app can use the best AI translation service, DeepL.
  • The app supports text recognition, detecting and listening to the language of the extracted and translated text.
ScanText features
  • The app supports a new window mode that allows you to handle large amounts of translation work efficiently.
  • The app is very easy to use as it is identical to the screenshot usability of the macOS system.
  • The app supports iPhone/iPad/Mac devices and synchronizes data via the cloud.
  • The app can be translated with a share extension on the iPhone/iPad app without having to launch the application.
  • The app supports a wide range of languages (currently 27 languages).

Cons of ScanTexter 

  • Available only on Apple devices (for iPhone/iPad/Mac users).

How much does ScanTexter cost?

ScanTexter is free to download and can be used 60 times. There are two in-app purchases available.

Pro product: You can use the basic translation engine for unlimited time, and you can use DeepL translation for free up to 500,000 characters with a free API key. (The Pro version requires separate purchases for iPhone/iPad and Mac).

Premium Subscription: You can use the basic translation engine and DeepL translation engine for unlimited time with a monthly/yearly subscription. 

Also, the Premium Subscription is the same for all iPhone/iPad/Mac apps, so you can use it for unlimited time in all apps regardless of platform.


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