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screenshot of Flurry


Probably the most widely used mobile analytics service. Using their mobile SDKs you can log all sorts of data about sessions and users including custom timed events and crashes. They also offer services to help you monetise your app with ads and find a bigger audience. […]

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Backend Services
screenshot of Parse


Parse makes building the backend for your app easy. They provide a complete backend-as-a-service through their many SDKs that allow you to save objects in the cloud with just a few lines of code. You can also add custom business logic using their “Cloud Code”. They were recently bought by Facebook so they should know a thing or two about scaling. […]

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App Store and Sales
screenshot of App Annie

App Annie

Tracks ranks for every app on the App Store. Without an account you can see the current ranks for every app. Signing up gets you access to historical data and ratings data. Providing access to your iTunes Connect account (creating a custom account with limited permissions is recommended) enables tracking of your apps’ downloads and revenue. […]

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App Store and Sales
screenshot of appFigures


Tracks sales, rankings, reviews, and ad data for your apps. You need to give them access to your iTunes Connect account, but this concern can largely be mitigated by creating an account with limited permissions. Sales tracking is free, although you’ll have to manually sync reports. The other services require a subscription. […]

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screenshot of BugSense


Cross platform crash reporting service that supports Android, Windows Phone/Windows 8, HTML 5 and, of course, iOS. It provides real-time crash analytics and app quality data that you can use to keep your customers happy. […]

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screenshot of AppCooker


A handy iPad app which allows you to quickly mockup app concepts and export to various formats. Also includes a useful iOS pricing tool and an App Store assistant. […]

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Images and Icons
screenshot of Slicy


A clever tool for Mac that slices up your PSDs based on layer groups. It will automatically cut up your PSD elements as assets for your app. It will even create retina graphics if you append your layer group name with “[email protected]”. […]

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Source Control
screenshot of Bitbucket


Git and Mercurial repository hosting. Doesn’t quite have the community of GitHub but as private repositories are free for up to 5 users, it is a great alternative for small teams. This website lives there! […]

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screenshot of Briefs


A feature-packed Mac app for creating mobile app prototypes and demos. It allows you to combine images and interaction across multiple screens to articulate the essential function of an app. […]

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screenshot of Dash


An API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager for Mac. You can search offline documentation for over 80 APIs including iOS, of course. You can also create your own documentation sets and it integrates with lots of plugins and resources. […]

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