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[iOS developer:tips];

A link-list style developer blog that has been going since the real early days of iPhone OS. It is focused on all things iOS, including code examples, tips and tricks, Apple developer news, open source projects and tools. […]

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Images and Icons
screenshot of App Icon Template

App Icon Template

A site that offers free Photoshop app icon templates including iOS 7. The templates come with a PSD that uses smart objects to preview your app icon in various screens, including the home screen and the App Store. It also includes Photoshop actions to export the icon in all the required sizes ready to drop into Xcode. […]

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screenshot of Developer Color Picker

Developer Color Picker

A custom colour picker for developers that makes getting colours out of Photoshop/Acorn mock-ups quick and easy. Once you’ve picked your colour you can copy it you the clipboard in NSColor, UIColor, CGColorRef, CSS or HTML styles, with an optional declaration as well. Simple but extremely useful, especially because it is system wide. […]

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screenshot of iOS App Release Checklist

iOS App Release Checklist

A very thorough pre-flight checklist for submitting an app to the App Store compiled by Dave Addey. It covers feature testing, device coverage, network conditions and locale settings. You can download the checklist as a Pages document or a PDF, but there is also a copy in a GitHub repo that’s accepting contributions. […]

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Images and Icons
screenshot of

A Photoshop CC and CS6 extension that gives you access to a massive collection free of icons. All the assets are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. It looks like they are adding more collections all the time so if you have your own collection you’d like to share, let them know. […]

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App Store and Sales
screenshot of AppBot


A free service that emails you your daily App Store reviews & features. You can track apps and publishers to view stats for any app in the Mac and iOS App Stores. You can view stats and reviews on the website and also get a customisable widget so you can display your App Store reviews on your website or Panic’s Status Board app. […]

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Images and Icons
screenshot of Glyphish


A collection of icons for use in your toolbars, tab bars, nav bars, table row or anywhere else. There are currently 4 sets available, each containing at least 200 icons, for $25 each. Or there is a free set of 200 if you just want to try them out. Their latest set includes 200 outline icons drawn to match the iOS 7 style. All the icon sets are retina ready and are supplied with a master PSD. […]

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screenshot of ASCIIwwdc


A website by Mattt Thompson with complete searchable full-text transcripts of WWDC sessions. This site is awesome if you can’t remember the exact session that covered the topic you’re after and don’t want to scrub through video after video. Each session’s transcript is displayed in full and also linked to the session video on […]

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