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Backend Services
screenshot of Objective-Cloud


Not exactly an iOS development tool, but it is an idea that is mad enough to get a mention. As the name suggests, Objective-Cloud allows you to run Objective-C in the cloud. You can develop your custom web applications in Xcode, deploy straight to the cloud and they handle all the scaling. They also provide an SDK that includes a custom HTTP handler for creating RESTful web services. Price tiers are very reasonable as well. […]

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App Store and Sales
screenshot of AppViz


Recently updated from AppViz 2, the all new AppViz 3.0 is a Mac app for tracking sales, rankings, reviews, and ad data for your apps. The app is free to download and the new pricing model allows you to track one app for free, with very reasonable subscription rates if you need more. […]

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screenshot of Core Data Editor

Core Data Editor

Core Data Editor lets you easily view, edit and analyze applications√¢‚ǨÀú data. Core Data Editor is compatible with Mac and iOS applications and supports XML, SQLite and binary stores, visualizes all relationships and is able to edit the data and generate Objective-C code for the data model. Extremely handy and much easier than reading the SQLite database directly. […]

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screenshot of coderwall


A community for developers to unlock & share new skills. You can learn from experts about the latest languages, tools & technologies or share your own pro tip and get feedback from other developers. You can share code snippets, tutorials or thought pieces. […]

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Images and Icons
screenshot of IconFinder


Iconfinder provides high quality icons for designers and developers in an easy and efficient way. The site launched in 2007 as the first search engine focused on icons. You can search by keyword and then filter your results by format, price, license and size. […]

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screenshot of QuickRadar


A menu bar app that makes submitting Radars quicker and easier than using Apple’s Bug Reporter. QuickRadar runs in the background on your Mac, giving you a keyboard shortcut to instantly open a window to type your bug report. The code is BSD licensed and hosted on GitHub so the developer welcomes contributions. […]

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screenshot of MoarFonts


A small utility that makes the custom fonts in your iOS projects available in Interface Builder. Since iOS 3.2, you can use custom fonts in your iOS apps by adding the UIAppFonts Info.plist key. Unfortunately though, these custom fonts are not available when editing your xib files in Interface Builder. MoarFonts fixes this. […]

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screenshot of Sip


A simple but invaluable menubar app that instantly samples & encodes any colour on your screen. A quick keyboard shortcut will give you a system wide colour picker that lets you select any pixel on your screen. You can then paste the selected colour directly into your editor in one of several formats including CSS, NSColor, UIColor and CGColor. […]

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Command Line
screenshot of iTerm 2

iTerm 2

A very decent alternative to the Terminal app on Mac. It adds loads of fantastic features including search, autocomplete, countless configuration options, TotalTerminal/Visor style hot-key triggered slide in windows and a lot more. The best thing is, it’s free and open-source on GitHub. […]

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