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screenshot of Fluid UI

Fluid UI

Online prototyping tool for designing mobile apps. You can drag and drop UI elements from a iOS, Android, Windows 8 and wireframe libraries or upload images for custom interfaces. Then add touch gestures and screen animations to bring your prototype to live before testing it on a device or sharing with your team. You can get started for free or sign up for one of the paid plans. […]

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screenshot of Treehouse


Another great selection of online courses that teach students how to build websites & apps, write code or start a business. There are over 1000 videos along with many quizzes and interactive code challenges that will count towards badges and achievements to indicate the skills you have learnt. The Treehouse website looks great on iPad as well so you can learn while out and about. It’s also worth checking out the free Treehouse Show – a weekly video news show from Nick Pettit and, the King of Troll, Jason Seifer. […]

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screenshot of Docs for Xcode

Docs for Xcode

With Xcode 5 Apple unfortunately chose to remove support for 3rd party docsets. The documentation viewer will still display any that you have installed but will no longer update them and you can’t add new docsets. Docs for Xcode fixes this by letting you install docsets, subscribe to feeds and keep the documentation always up to date. An absolute essential for everyone using Xcode 5. […]

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App Store and Sales
screenshot of AirServer


Turns your Mac or PC into an AirPlay receiver. Not strictly a development tool as it is advertised for education, gaming, home entertainment and business, but I use it to make screen recordings of apps running on my iPhone and iPad. Great for making promotional videos for your app’s website. […]

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Source Control
screenshot of Gitbox


A fully featured Git client for Mac that styles itself on Mail, giving a unique overview of all your repos, versions and changes at a glance. Top features include a very fast and powerful search of the entire repo history, submodule automation and automatic fetching of commits from the server to help avoid merge conflicts. Only thing it seems to be missing is a decent commit tree graph, but still worth a look. […]

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screenshot of CocoaDeveloper Quicklook Plugin

CocoaDeveloper Quicklook Plugin

A Quicklook Plugin for previewing application and provision information. It displays app and provision information for ipa, iOS mobileprovision and OSX provisionprofile files including app icon, name, version, bundle identifier and device names from the Developer Portal. Simple but very useful. […]

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Images and Icons
screenshot of FlatIcon


Claims to be the largest database of free vector icons. The collection includes an icon for every scenario that can be downloaded in SVG, PSD and PNG formats. You can also download a Photoshop plugin to get access to all the icons directly in Photoshop or download a custom collection of icons as a webfont. Icons are grouped into categories and packs including several specifically designed for iOS. […]

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screenshot of Watchdog for Xcode

Watchdog for Xcode

A Mac app that monitors Xcode and automatically cleans up stale cache files that prevent you from getting a good build. I regularly find myself wasting time deleting DerivedData to get indexes to update or include updated resources so this app saves me a lot of time. […]

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screenshot of Code School

Code School

Online course that teaches web technologies and programming topics by focusing on video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts. They provide an iOS path that covers iOS fundamentals, Objective-C and Xcode. Many course and videos are free but you can also enroll for $29 per month for unlimited access to all content including guest screencasts. […]

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screenshot of Binpress


A marketplace for commercial open-source software. Binpress provides an alternative to selling a complete app on the App Store by providing a platform for developers to monetize their open-source projects and turn it into a professional business, in the same mold as MySQL, Redhat, etc. You could also buy software to include in your app or propose an open-source project for other developers to build. […]

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