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screenshot of Kamakiri


Another Mac app for submitting bug reports to Apple’s Radar. Kamakiri comes in the form of a full app with a menu bar item to get quick access to your bug reports. It automatically updates your bug reports in the background and will notify you in Notification Center when anything changes. Kamakiri isn’t free but it’s definitely one of the more fully featured bug reporters. […]

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Networking and APIs
screenshot of Visual JSON

Visual JSON

A simple and free Mac App that visualises JSON from a JSON API. Visual JSON allows you to make a custom request to any JSON API with options for request type, parameters and body content, and it will visualise the JSON response as an easy to read collapsable list. A very useful tool for debugging any JSON API. […]

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screenshot of Cocoa Controls

Cocoa Controls

A collection of open source and commercial UI components for iOS and OS X. You can search and filter the collection by platform and license or whether it’s available on CocoaPods, and each component shows its current star rating and the apps it’s been used in. Cocoa Controls is a great way to find really useful third-party UI components or just to get inspiration for your own. You can also submit your own controls to be listed or distributed on the site. […]

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screenshot of Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns

Although the days of skeuomorphic interfaces are behind us, a well placed texture can still make an app look great. Subtle Patterns is a collection of over 300 free, high quality, tilable textured patterns that are subtle enough that they won’t look out of place on iOS 7. Many of the textures are available to download in @2x resolutions as well or the free Photoshop plugin gives you access to the patterns directly in Photoshop. […]

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Mapping and Location
screenshot of Mapbox


It’s now been over a year since Apple Maps launched with iOS 6 and it’s still lagging a long way behind its competitors. If you want to include maps in your app but don’t trust Map Kit, Mapbox is a great alternative. They provide a drop-in SDK that is a bottom-up, open source rewrite providing the same features as Map Kit as well as offline map caching, extensive map customisation and loads more. Mapbox is used by some pretty big names, including Foursquare and Pintrest, and the map data is powered by the OpenStreetMap project so is very accurate and up to date. The free plan gets you 3,000 map views per month but there are a decent selection of paid plans if that’s not enough. […]

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screenshot of Objective-Clean


There is no single correct way to style code but if you’re the sort of person who thinks there is, then Objective-Clean might become your new favourite tool. It’s a Mac app that lets you set rules to define the formatting of your code, including use of whitespace and line breaks, and apply them to your Xcode projects using a build script. Any code that doesn’t conform to the rules is highlighted with a warning or error (which can be configured). You can create your own rules or download the rules voted most popular by other developers. […]

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Project Management
screenshot of Bee


A lightweight Mac client for FogBugz, GitHub and JIRA that helps you in your everyday workflow with managing development tasks. It has a menubar helper app which lets you know what you√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢re working on and what you should be working on next, and also provides you with notifications so you always know what your teammates are working on as well. […]

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screenshot of SimPholders


A small and simple menu bar app for getting fast access to your iPhone Simulator apps. SimPholders provides options to open folders in Finder, reset library and documents, and delete the selected apps. The menu shows recently changed apps and displays the app icon, name, bundle identifer, version number and bundle size. […]

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screenshot of Localytics


An analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web apps. Localytics provides all the real-time analytics features you’d expect including screenflow, sessions, events, user segmentation and engagement analytics, but the selling point is that this data can be used to inform your app marketing. Marketing features include push notifications, A/B testing, personalised in-app messaging and acquisition management to discover how people are finding your app. The monthly price is quite high for independent developers but the free tier includes up to 10,000 active users and 1 million monthly data points. […]

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screenshot of Cocoa Cats

Cocoa Cats

A site that does for Objective-C categories what this site does for iOS development tools. For the uninformed, categories are a great feature of Objective-C that allows functionality to be added to a class without subclassing and Cocoa Cats is a fantastic user-driven collection of cocoa categories. The list is user generated so the there is a form at the bottom of the page to submit a new category. […]

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