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Networking and APIs
screenshot of Charles


A web debugging proxy application for Mac, Windows and Linux. Enables you to view all HTTP(S) traffic between your machine and the internet including requests, responses and HTTP headers. Can be used with iOS apps in a few different ways by either using the simulator, connecting your iPhone to your machine’s shared internet connection or following these steps. Really useful for debugging networking problems or having a sneaky peak at what network requests your favourite apps are making. […]

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screenshot of NSBrief


An interview style podcast where host Saul Mora meets and chats with well-known members of the Cocoa community. Discussions cover indie developer stories and projects, Cocoa frameworks, the best Cocoa conferences, and more. NSBrief is also on Glassboard, where listeners can discuss episodes and make suggestions. Episodes are about an hour long (sometimes more) and are definitely worth your time. […]

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Xcode Extensions
screenshot of Code Pilot

Code Pilot

An Xcode plugin that provides what ‘Open Quickly’ doesn’t. A keyboard shortcut activates a search box for you to type in your query to give you fast navigation around your Xcode project. It can search in all parts of your project including subprojects, interface builder, and Core Data models, and is much more intelligent that Xcode’s ‘Open Quickly’. It’s CamelCase aware and uses various bits of regex magic to find the files or symbols you want. It’s compatible with Xcode 5 and the developer has just made it open-source on Github. […]

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Command Line
screenshot of Nomad


A collection of really useful command line utilities from Mattt Thompson. The collection consists of 5 tools, each named after a major city, covering tasks including automated administration of the Apple Dev Center, sending push notifications, generating passbook passes, verifying in app purchase receipts and distributing dev builds. The utilities are all open source on Github and are written as Ruby gems so can be run on a server as well. […]

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App Store and Sales
screenshot of Dispensr


A simple tool that makes distributing multiple promo codes to unknown recipients (such as a giveaway) a little more “civilized”. You just upload the file you receive from iTunes Connect and you get a single, private url to share via email or on Facebook, Twitter or Your users get to request a code without trying multiple times only to find out that they’ve all been used. […]

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screenshot of Acorn 4

Acorn 4

An affordable alternative to Adobe Photoshop, Acorn 4 is an award-winning fully-featured image editor. It includes many of the essential and pro features such as curves, non-destructive filters, layer styles, vector tools, layer masks and loads more. It’s intuitive, super speedy and, best of all, a fraction of the price of Photoshop. […]

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Images and Icons
screenshot of Essence


A collection of over 300 beautiful icons optimised for iOS 7. Essence is a premium collection so it’s not free, but the icons are really high quality and very detailed, and any future updates are included in the price. Every single icon is provided as a regular outline as well as a filled “selected” version, in PNG, Illustrator, PDF and are completely attribution-free. […]

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Testing and Support
screenshot of Lookback


A really interesting testing tool that allows your test users to submit user experience feedback by just using the app. Once you’ve added the Lookback SDK to your app your test users will be given the option to record video and/or audio while they’re using the app. The SDK records video from the front-facing camera while also tracking the screen and gestures. You can then view the captures with the slick Lookback web app – check out the demos to see for yourself. I can’t think of a better or simpler way to collect test user feedback! […]

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screenshot of Podlife


An iPhone app that keeps you updated with the CocoaPods world. Podlife lets you search for any pod and filter by Mac and iOS which you can then mark as a favourite and get notified whenever it is updated. Each pod is also linked to it’s documentation on CocoaDocs and there is an option to receive notifications whenever new pods are added of the CocoaPods gem is updated. The app is free but there is also an in-app purchase to go “Pro” to support the developer. […]

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screenshot of Inspired UI

Inspired UI

Another great collection of app screenshots to inspire your app designs. The site covers iPhone, iPad and Android and the screenshots are grouped by categories such as Activity Feeds, Logins, Sidebars and more. They have also created a magazine for Flipboard with the latest mobile UI news and article. […]

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