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screenshot of Subjective-C


A website of articles that study and investigate some of the most innovative interfaces on iOS. Subjective-C has currently covered Facebook Paper’s tilting panner and Spark Camera’s recording meter and both articles are great reads. The articles provide analysis and speculation on how the interfaces are implemented using tools such as Reveal, and also provide code snippets of how to reimplement the features yourself. I’m looking forward to reading more. […]

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Networking and APIs
screenshot of HTTPea


A simple iOS HTTP client that lets you send GET, PUT, POST, HEAD, and DELETE requests with custom headers and parameters. HTTPea will also parse the server’s response and display it the most useful format so you can drill down into a JSON document, view an image, display a web page, or just view the raw response. […]

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screenshot of Snippet Edit

Snippet Edit

A simple Mac app that lets you edit and disable Xcode’s built in code snippets. Although you can already edit snippets in Xcode, Snippet Edit lets disable certain snippets preventing them from showing in the code completion menu. Editing is non-destructive, you can revert to Xcode’s default snippets at any time. […]

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screenshot of Antetype


A fully featured prototyping tool for Mac for designing UIs for mobile apps and websites. Antetype uses a widget system that allows you to create and reuse UI components with multiple states that can be nested and laid out automatically in your UI design. It comes with a large library of ready-to-use widgets for iOS 7 and other platforms and you can export your designs as pixel or vector based graphics or preview them on the web. […]

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Networking and APIs
screenshot of HTTP Scoop

HTTP Scoop

A HTTP sniffer for Mac that passively listens for HTTP requests from any app running on your Mac. You can view request or response data as text or in a hex dump, view images from within the app and save responses to disk. With the Headers view, you can see cookie exchanges and analyse cache behaviour. There’s no proxy configuration needed, just hit the Scoop button and off you go! […]

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App Store and Sales
screenshot of Carp


A service that helps you create a fully hosted custom landing page for marketing your mobile app. You just enter your app details and screenshots in the simple form and it creates and hosts a fully responsive web page for your app. You can also use your own custom domain name or the default subdomain. […]

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Networking and APIs
screenshot of JSON Accelerator

JSON Accelerator

A free Mac app that validates JSON from a file or URL and creates Objective-C, Java or Python Django model classes from the output. The Objective-C classes it generates are all NSCoding compliant and it can even create Core Data models. You can add custom HTTP headers using GET or POST to fetch JSON from any API which makes it a great tool for quickly developing apps with new APIs. […]

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screenshot of iOSpirations


A gallery of iOS and Mac UI and icon designs and more. iOSpirations covers the same as many other design inspiration websites but goes beyond that to include app icon and landing page designs, UI resources such as templates, icon packs and UI elements kits, as well as Objective-C libraries for UI elements. […]

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