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screenshot of Meerli


Yet another collection of mobile screenshots to inspire your app designs, except with the added goal of trying to connect developers with designers. Each listing on Meerli includes full contact details for the designer to make it easy for developers, designers or anyone else to get in touch. If you need a designer for your next project, this might be a good place to start your search. […]

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screenshot of Attributed String Creator

Attributed String Creator

A simple Mac app that makes creating complicated attributed strings really easy. Attributed String Creator gives you a rich text editor where you can write or paste your text and style it up with fonts, sizes, styles, colours, alignment and more. It will then generate all the iOS or OS X compatible Objective-C ready to paste into your Xcode project. […]

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screenshot of appledoc


An Objective-C API documentation generator that creates Apple-like source code documentation from specially formatted source code comments. The comment formatting required is easy to follow and very readable, in fact your comments are probably already in the right format (you are writing comments, right?). The output is visually appealing documentation in the form of HTML as well as a fully indexed and browsable Xcode documentation set. Since Xcode 5, there is no official support for 3rd party docsets but tools like Docs for Xcode help to fix that. […]

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screenshot of mogenerator


A utility that makes it easy to create and generate custom Core Data managed object classes. Mogenerator manages two classes for each entity in your Core Data model: one for the code generated by Xcode, and the other for your custom logic. Mogenerator combines the two classes so you can regenerate the Xcode class without being worried about overwriting your custom logic. There is also a tool called Xmo’d that seamlessly integrates mogenerator into Xcode. […]

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App Store and Sales
screenshot of Reflector


Turns your computer into a AirPlay receiver so you can wirelessly mirror your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch screen to any Mac or PC. Reflector allows you to make recordings of your iOS device including realistic looking frames so it’s great for making walkthroughs of demo videos for your apps. It also lets you mirror multiple devices at once or add password protection to limit access. […]

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screenshot of Bjango Photoshop Actions & Workflows

Bjango Photoshop Actions & Workflows

A collection of extremely useful Photoshop actions and workflows for app designers from the guys at Bjango. The collection includes everything you can think of to help you with icons, image sizes, colour profiles, text antialiasing and loads more. The collection is updated whenever they add more and they are also hosted on GitHub for you to fork. […]

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App Store and Sales
screenshot of PlaceIt


A service that helps you create attractive product screenshots in realistic environments. You can choose from over 200 “stages” that cover a range of different devices before uploading your screenshot to include in the image. You can also create animated GIFs to simulate workflows in your app and they have a Mac app. Prices start at free for low resolution but you can pay if you need higher. […]

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Source Control
screenshot of P4Merge


A free diff/merge client for Mac, Windows and Linux that lets you visualise the differences between file versions. P4Merge uses colour coding to make it easy to resolve conflicts and also allows comparison of several image formats with side-by-side display and highlighting differences on overlaid images. Not a very pretty app but works well. […]

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screenshot of Smooth Localize

Smooth Localize

Probably the cheapest and simplest to use localization service you can find. You just upload your strings file, paste in your App Store text, select the level of translation for each language and checkout. Automatic translations will be availble within minutes and human translations take between 1-4 days. […]

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Backend Services
screenshot of Helios


An extensible open-source backend framework for iOS apps from Mattt Thompson. Helios is built on the Rack webserver interface and is comprised of a collection of backend components that you can mix and match to provide features including data synchronisation, push notifications, in-app purchases, Passbook, Newstand, logging and analytics. […]

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