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App Store and Sales
screenshot of AppReviewMe


A service that helps your free app get more reviews in the App Store. AppReviewMe works using a karma system where to get reviews for you app you have to earn karma points. To earn karma points you review other developers apps. Therefore, the developers that give the most back to other developers receive the most reviews. It’s a simple system but should be a better way of getting more honest reviews that bugging your users in the app. […]

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Command Line
screenshot of objc-run


A shell script which compiles and executes Objective-C source code files from the command line. objc-run is really useful for quickly testing a piece of code or if you have a small programming task that you want to handle in Objective-C that doesn’t justify setting up a complete Xcode project. It also integrates nicely with CocoaPods. objc-run has made Objective-C my new favourite scripting language! […]

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screenshot of Developing Perspective

Developing Perspective

A podcast discussing news of note in iOS Development, Apple and the like, hosted by (Underscore) David Smith. Each episode is under 15 minutes long so Developing Perspective makes for a great bitesize podcast. David Smith is a prolific independent developer with countless apps on the App Store and so has lots of insight to give on making a living in the App Store. […]

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App Store and Sales
screenshot of MobileDevHQ


A free service that helps you get your app noticed in the App Store. MobileDevHQ will monitor the App Store Top Charts and search rankings and send you daily email reports with your app’s progress against competitors you choose. The paid plans extend this by including keyword suggestions to help your ranking. The MobileDevHQ blog is also worth checking out as they regularly post good App Store optimisation advice. […]

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Backend Services
screenshot of PingPal


A cross platform app communication service that can provide a persistent connection for server-to-user or user-to-user WebSocket style communication. PingPal is currently in beta but they have drop-in iOS and Javascript SDKs for you to try now, with Android coming soon. The service also includes “UniPush” which provides a single fully transparent push mechanism that automatically selects the right push service for the user’s platform. […]

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screenshot of Apportable


A service that lets you build your Objective-C iOS apps natively for Android. It compiles Objective-C to native ARM and x86 machine code so no virtual machines, emulators, or Java translation. It’s primarily aimed at games as it supports several of the most popular game engines. I’ve not tried it myself but it is already used by several very popular games. […]

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screenshot of Canvas


A project that aims to simplify iOS development by allowing developers and designers to add animations without writing any code. Instead, you just need to add a couple of attributes to your views in Interface Builder to configure your animation. Canvas is a really useful tool for designers who might want to tweak animations but don’t feel comfortable diving into the code. […]

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Project Management
screenshot of Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker

A simple but powerful agile project management tool built specifically for software development. Pivotal Tracker covers all aspects of Agile including stories, points, velocity, backlogs, epics, etc. and allows easy collaboration between team members. The web app works really well allowing you to fully manage every aspect of your projects, but they also have a universal iOS app that does the same. […]

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screenshot of Instabug


A service that makes it really easy for your users to report bugs. Instabug provides a drop-in SDK that presents an in-app bug reporting interface when the user shakes the device. Each bug report includes a screenshot that the user can annotate with text or drawings, written feedback, and all the current device stats. It also integrates with loads of popular bug tracking tools so can easily become part of your workflow. […]

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Images and Icons
screenshot of Asset Catalog Creator

Asset Catalog Creator

A simple Mac app that helps resize your app icons into all the required sizes and integrates with the new asset catalogs in Xcode 5. Asset Catalog Creator exports your app icon into a iconset bundle including the required Contents.json file ready to be copied straight into Xcode 5. It will also export OS X icons and launch images. […]

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