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App Store and Sales
screenshot of Promotee


Promotee is a Mac app to create professional looking promotional artwork for iOS, Mac and Android apps. You can drop your app screenshots onto one of the many templates or add your own templates. Promotee is great for creating images for the App Store or your app website. […]

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screenshot of CocoaDocs


Hosted documentation for Objective-C libraries from the guys behind CocoaPods. The list of libraries is absolutely massive and supports multiple versions. The docs are generated using appledoc so should look familiar if you are used to Apple’s documentation. There are also links to download and install selected docs in Xcode and Dash. […]

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Command Line
screenshot of CocoaPods


The best way to manage library dependencies in Objective-C projects. You just need to add a list of dependencies to a ‘PodFile’ in your Xcode project, run ‘pod install’ and you’re ready to go. The collection of libraries that CocoaPods knows about is absolutely massive and includes all the popular ones, but you can also contribute your own. […]

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Images and Icons
screenshot of WASTED


A mac app that will reduce the size of your app by analysing the images in your iOS app packages and converting or re-compressing them. It works in a similar way to tools like ImageOptim but will also convert opaque PNGs to 90% quality JPGs. It can also be integrated with Xcode as a ‘Run Script’ build phase or post action. […]

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screenshot of Sim Deploy

Sim Deploy

A useful little Mac utility that deploys builds to the simulator. It’s helpful when trying to deploy simulator builds to non-techie people as it is just drag and drop. You can also install builds from remote URLs using the custom URL scheme and it integrates with your continuous integration strategy as well. […]

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App Store and Sales
screenshot of Tokens


A really neat little Mac app that makes generating, sharing and tracking App Store promo codes really easy and convenient. It means you don’t have to deal with iTunes Connect anymore for generating promo codes and it’s makes it really simple for reviewers to redeem the codes as well. […]

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screenshot of Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich

Probably the biggest collection of free iOS tutorials on the Internet. Ray and his team have written tutorials for all aspects of iOS app and game development and are adding more all the time. They have also published several books that you can buy from the store. […]

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screenshot of Appsee


A visual app analytics platform. Appsee provides all the typical analytics features and crash reporting but adds some really clever visual features such as user recordings and touch heatmaps. It might be a little pricy for independent developers but it definitely is very clever. […]

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Source Control
screenshot of SourceTree


A free Mercurial and Git client for Windows and Mac. It offers most of the features that all the best paid Git clients do but SourceTree is completely free. It’s made by Atlassian so integrates nicely with Bitbucket as well. […]

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