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App Store and Sales
screenshot of App Store Description Previewer

App Store Description Previewer

A simple but really handy utility from Bjango that lets you preview how your App Store description will be truncated on the iPhone and iPad App Stores. It’s useful to know how your description will appear on iOS so you can make sure potential users get everything they need to know about your app without having to tap the “more” link. […]

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Graphics & Animation
screenshot of Shaderific


A fully featured OpenGL Shading Language editor for iPhone and iPad. Shaderific lets you create your own vertex and fragment shaders using GLSL for OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL ES 3.0 and compile them on your iOS device. You can tweak your shader code and the values of the uniforms and see the effects immediately rendered in the app. The app’s feature list is huge and includes a built in GLSL reference, and loads of sample shaders, objects and textures for you to get started with. […]

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Images and Icons
screenshot of Sizes


A really simple app for creating retina and non-retina images. Unlike many other apps that do similar things, Sizes is really minimalistic and fast to use – it doesn’t have any windows, you just drag your files onto the app icon, wait a second and the output is saved in the original directory. It also gives you options to append the “@2x” suffix so you don’t have to remember, or use a completely different suffix of your choice. […]

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screenshot of The iDeveloper Podcast

The iDeveloper Podcast

A magazine style a podcast for OS X and iOS developers hosted by Steve “Scotty” Scott and John Fox. Each episode looks at subjects including recent developer news, technical issues around cocoa and cocoa touch, the latest tools and utilities as well as examining the business side of being an indie Mac or iOS developer. […]

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Source Control
screenshot of iOctocat


A fully featured GitHub client for iPhone. iOctocat gives you everything you need to stay up to date with your projects and to catch up with the open source community. Features include push notifications for GitHub notifications, managing issues and pull requests (including merging pull requests on the go), and complete access to your repos and commits. iOctocat is free to download with in app purchases for the certain features. […]

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screenshot of Behance


A platform to showcase and discover photography, graphic design, illustration that is now part of the Adobe family. The types creative work you can find on Behance are definitely very broad but a quick search of ‘iOS’ can unearth beautiful iOS designs. Unlike other design showcase sites, Behance lets designers post much more detail about their work with long scrollable images. Definitely a great place to get inspiration or contact great designers. […]

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screenshot of

An analytics tool that lets you send data to over 80 different third-party services with one drop-in SDK. Instead of adding separate libraries for Flurry, Google Analytics, etc., provides a single library to collect your app data, and an online dashboard where you can enable the third-party services you want. You can add new services instantly, even ones without their own mobile SDK, without having to update your app, and you can export your data at any time in a clean, non-schematized format. […]

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Command Line
screenshot of Liftoff


A command line tool for creating and configuring iOS Xcode projects. If you run Liftoff on a directory with an existing Xcode project it will perform various actions to get your project in shape, such as changing indentation levels, turning on warnings, adding default .gitignore and .gitattributes files, and initializing a new git repo. If Liftoff can’t find an Xcode project, it will create one for you. Liftoff is completely customisable (and open-source) and configurations can easily be shared. […]

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screenshot of Mobile Couch

Mobile Couch

A fortnightly podcast by Ben Trengrove, Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly and Jake MacMullin. Each episode, the hosts discuss their experiences working on everything from games, to indie apps to client projects, covering topics ranging from in-depth technical chat about frameworks and techniques to insight into releasing an app to the App Store. Occasionaly they are joined by well-known members of the mobile development community – past guests include Marc Edwards and Casey Liss. […]

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screenshot of RemObjects C#

RemObjects C#

A compiler and toolchain that lets you write native apps for iOS, Mac, Android, Windows and Windows Phone in C#. RemObjects C# isn’t a .NET bridge, but instead provides direct access to each platform’s native APIs. The RemObjects C# language provides access to all Cocoa, Cocoa Touch and the Objective-C Runtime frameworks including external open source and third party libraries and compiles to a fully native executable for the Objective-C runtime. […]

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