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App Store and Sales
screenshot of Tokens


A really neat little Mac app that makes generating, sharing and tracking App Store promo codes really easy and convenient. It means you don’t have to deal with iTunes Connect anymore for generating promo codes and it’s makes it really simple for reviewers to redeem the codes as well. […]

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screenshot of Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich

Probably the biggest collection of free iOS tutorials on the Internet. Ray and his team have written tutorials for all aspects of iOS app and game development and are adding more all the time. They have also published several books that you can buy from the store. […]

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screenshot of Appsee


A visual app analytics platform. Appsee provides all the typical analytics features and crash reporting but adds some really clever visual features such as user recordings and touch heatmaps. It might be a little pricy for independent developers but it definitely is very clever. […]

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Source Control
screenshot of SourceTree


A free Mercurial and Git client for Windows and Mac. It offers most of the features that all the best paid Git clients do but SourceTree is completely free. It’s made by Atlassian so integrates nicely with Bitbucket as well. […]

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screenshot of Try Objective-C

Try Objective-C

An interactive course from Code School that teaches the basics of the Objective-C language for iOS development beginners. You can subscribe to play more advanced iOS courses, but this course (and the first level of all courses) is free to play. […]

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Networking and APIs
screenshot of Runscope


A useful API proxy service for debugging your API calls. You just have to swap your API URLs in your code with a Runscope one and all traffic will be available for you to inspect online. You can also create API requests, save them and run them through later. […]

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Backend Services
screenshot of Kinvey


An alternative backend-as-a-service provider very similar to Parse. Like Parse, it offers cloud storage, push notifications and custom business logic, but also provides an out-of-the-box implementation of Facebook Open Graph for apps that don’t have websites. […]

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screenshot of Shake Report

Shake Report

A useful little utility to get bug reports from users. The drop-in SDK allows users to shake their device to send a report. You can also download the backend component and deploy it on your server to have your reports collected and classified. […]

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screenshot of iOS Support Matrix

iOS Support Matrix

The definitive iOS version/device matrix chart. It includes all the data you need including hardware specs, minimum and maximum supported iOS versions, retina display support and even Geek Bench ratings. Very handy! […]

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