Aryaman Sharda

Staff iOS Engineer at Turo & founder of Indie Watch

22 Jul, 2022

Hey, I’m Aryaman Sharda. I’ve been making iOS apps since 2015 and currently work as a Staff iOS Engineer at Turo. I’m currently spending my nights and weekends working on my weekly newsletter Indie Watch - where I feature promising indie iOS developers and their apps. When I’m not working, I enjoy weightlifting, cooking, and photography.

What is your favourite developer tool and why?

My current favorite developer tool is Proxyman. It enables developers to capture, inspect, and manipulate HTTP(s) requests/responses with ease. This is the developer tool I use most frequently and it has really helped me streamline my development workflow.

What's one tool you wish you had used sooner?

I wish I had started using SwiftGen earlier - it's a code generator for your assets, storyboards etc. that helps you work with String-based APIs more easily. Adding a tool like this to your project always comes with a level of risk, but the improved readability and maintainability make the trade-off worthwhile to me.

What is a tool you couldn’t live without?

It's not strictly a developer tool, but I love Spectacle. It lets you easily move and resize windows through simple shortcuts. Since I usually work with an external monitor, having a tool that allows me to easily manage all of my open windows really improves my productivity.

Your top 5 apps on your Mac/iPhone/iPad?

Something else you really like to share with the community? 

These days I spend my time working on a weekly newsletter that features the best apps and developers from the indie iOS community. If you're interested, check out Indie Watch 

I also spend time maintaining my deep link testing tool - DeepLinkr

It lets you conveniently manage and test all of your universal/deep links against the iOS Simulator.