Flo Writes Code

Indie iOS Dev/Teacher/Student

22 Jul, 2022


What is your favourite developer tool and why?

Bakery. It used to be such a pain to generate app icons for all the different sizes, but Bakery just makes that a breeze. It also makes it really easy to create quick placeholder app icons for development and debugging, which I heavily use.

What's one tool you wish you had used sooner?

Alfred for sure! It has a ton of features that aren’t related to development, but workflows for shortcuts and Snippets are super helpful.

What is a tool you couldn’t live without?

Apple Documentation! Some people might not even consider this a development tool, but to me it brings so much knowledge and allows me to learn about APIs without leaving Xcode, so I do consider it a tool.

If you could choose one tool/app to be installed on Macs in all Apple stores, which one would it be and why?

Magnet. It’s the first app that I install on a new device, as I just really miss the window management features that I got used to on my Windows machine. Magnet allows me to quickly arrange windows and have access to more information at once.

Your top 5 apps on your Mac/iPhone/iPad?

1) SF Menu Bar (quick access to SF symbols)
2) Shottr (easy screenshot annotation for Twitter)
3) Bakery (app icons)
4) LaunchBuddy (my app that helps indies plan their releases & tasks)
5) Shortery (brings iOS-style shortcut automations to the mac)

+ two honourable mentions:
6) XCOrganizer
7) CopyClip (now replaced with Alfred for me, but still an honorable mention)

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