Niels Mouthaan

Building and growing apps, and helping others do the same.

22 Jul, 2022


What is your favourite developer tool and why?

I guess just the IDEs I’m working with: Xcode and Visual Studio Code. I’ve seen especially the former being improved over the years.

What's one tool you wish you had used sooner?

Tools supporting me to do proper App Store optimization. I’m currently using Appfigures and their content really helped me optimize Daily’s organic search visibility. This really helped Daily to become a more successful business. I’m actually starting an ASO-oriented consultancy service to help out other developers:

What is a tool you couldn’t live without?

I love working with Figma. The age of using Photoshop for designing apps and marketing material feels like such a long time ago. It’s all so much simpler now. Also, Grammarly is something I cannot work without.

If you could choose one tool/app to be installed on Macs in all Apple stores, which one would it be and why?

Can I promote my own app here 😅? My Daily Time Tracking app

Your top 5 apps on your Mac/iPhone/iPad?

... are the third-party apps besides my own that I use most.

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