Marcin Krzyzanowski

Marcin is the creator of, Founder of SwiftStudioApp and Speaker at various conferences.

22 Jul, 2022


What is your favourite developer tool and why?

That'd be CodeRunner and Hopper Disassembler these days. CodeRunner is great to run snippets of code in various languages without setting up project or whatnot. I often don't save files and just leave it forever as snippets - it reopens all tabs next time I open it. Hopper Disassembler is the tool I reach to whenever I need to understand or investigate certain behavior in UIKit or AppKit. It helped me multiple time to either debug the flow of a component, or understand a bug and find a workaround.

What's one tool you wish you had used sooner?

Paste - I didn't know I need clipboard history until I started to use it. I can reach past bits of information quickly, and since programming is mostly copy & paste, that's great fit.

What is a tool you couldn’t live without?

That's the hard one. I think that'd be a hammer. I could live without computers. That'd be a misearable life for me, but still possible. When it comes to software, that'd be Web Browser - obviously. I use Firefox, so that, but any browser would do.

If you could choose one tool/app to be installed on Macs in all Apple stores, which one would it be and why?

I'm not really the audience for that. Mainly because there's no Apple Store where I live, secondly because I rarely ever check the software in Apple Store. I go there for hardware only. Maybe I'd select Feedbacks (bugreport) app - because that's the place where people come with problems so that'd be a complain inbox.

Your top 5 apps on your Mac/iPhone/iPad?

Overcast for podcasts
1Password for passwords and whatnot
Arq for online backup
Raycast/Alfred for Spotlight replacement
iTerm - my terminal app of choice
iStat Menus - I like to know about things right in menu bar
Pins for bookmarks from

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