Fabula Review

Fabula for SwiftUi

What is Fabula for SwiftUI?

The formalists used the concepts of fabula and syuzhet as a literary method of development; they categorized materials and compositions as “fabula” and “syuzhet,” respectively, and called the artistic arrangement of a narrative the sum total of microscopic events listed in a cause-and-effect relationship. 

Fabula started as a personal project to learn and combine the technical ingredients of SwiftUI to produce creative results. It has evolved into a playground for developers to communicate through code together through the FabulaItemsProvider package.

What does Fabula for SwiftUI do?

Fabula for SwiftUI collects items registered in the FabulaItemsProvider package and makes them available for watchOS, tvOS, macOS, and iOS development. Users install packages through the app store. Items developers contribute can run through this app. Then, developers can also view the code.

Benefits and features of Fabula for SwiftUI

  • SwiftUI provides insight into the development methodology. There are a total of 283 items listed so far, with more additions planned in the future thanks to user contributions.
Fabula items
  • The provided code can be easily copied and is free to use. You can learn the development know-how of SwiftUI for free.
Fabula code view
  • You can contribute as a developer through the FabulaItemsProvider package. Once you become a contributor, you can promote yourself in the app’s contributor list and help others with your addition to the package.
Fabula contributor list

Cons of Fabula for SwiftUI 

Fabula doesn’t have many developers contributing yet, so items aren’t getting listed as quickly as they should. You can always contribute, and the team behind Fabula encourages you to join the project and expand its content.

How much does Fabula for SwiftUI cost?

All features and source code are available for free. This project started as a technical curiosity of a single developer, so it is offering all features available for free.


To date, Fabula hasn’t found a solution to share developers’ code with the same concept, but SwiftUI apps available in the app store include SwiftUl Recipes, Neumorphism for SwiftUl, and A Companion for SwiftUl.