DisplayBuddy Review

DisplayBuddy is an app that offers a seamless way to control external monitors from your Mac or Windows PC, eliminating the hassle of manual adjustments using the monitor’s physical buttons.

It stands out as the sole application in its field that is fully compatible and native to both Mac and Windows operating systems. It offers a modern design that feels right at home on both OSs.

It has been tested on a wide range of monitors from manufacturers such as Dell, Acer, LG, Samsung, BenQ & Asus, and it works flawlessly with most displays.

What does DisplayBuddy do?

The app serves as a command center for all things display-related. DisplayBuddy does it all, from adjusting monitor settings like brightness and contrast to toggling between input sources and even powering off monitors.

It can even control things like display resolution and rotation and even extend its controls to Airplay, Sidecar & DisplayLink displays. 

DisplayBuddy pros/features

DisplayBuddy boasts several impressive features that set it apart:

  • Multi-Platform Support: Native high-quality apps for both Mac and Windows, covering a wide audience base.
  • Extensive Compatibility: Offers support for numerous monitor brands, ensuring that most users can take advantage of its features.
  • Ease of Use: With DisplayBuddy, adjustments are a click away, eliminating the hassle of touching monitor buttons.
  • Advanced Controls: Beyond basic adjustments, the app also supports input switching, power-off features, volume control, and more.
  • Preset Customization: Users can save settings as Presets for quick changes, enhancing productivity.
  • Synchronization: A unique sync feature allows consistent settings across multiple monitors.
  • Hotkeys and Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts and Siri Shortcuts provide an extra layer of convenience for users.
  • macOS Widgets: The latest update brings widgets to manage presets swiftly.

DisplayBuddy cons

While DisplayBuddy is an effective tool, it has some limitations:

  • Price: Unlike some of its competitors, DisplayBuddy is a paid application, which might deter some users. However the feature set it offers is much more versatile compared to its competitors.
  • Compatibility: DisplayBuddy uses the DDC protocol to control monitors, which works with 95% of the monitors. However, some obscure brands might still not work with all the features of DisplayBuddy, such as input source control.


The app’s pricing structure is as follows:

  • Mac Lifetime 1-device: $18.99
  • Mac Lifetime 2-device: $22.99
  • Mac Lifetime 5-device: $29.99
  • Windows: $8.99

This tiered pricing model offers flexibility depending on the user’s needs and device count.

DisplayBuddy control and pricing


DisplayBuddy competes with applications like BetterDisplay. It offers a free trial but most of the useful features are paid and might overwhelm users with complex settings. The simplicity and intuitiveness of DisplayBuddy cater to those who prefer macOS for its straightforward usability.

In conclusion, DisplayBuddy stands out as a thoughtful tool for monitor management. With a user-friendly interface and a bevy of features, it caters to both basic and advanced users.

Although it comes at a cost, the time saved and the frustration mitigated make it a valuable asset for anyone regularly juggling multiple displays or simply seeking more ergonomic control over their workspace.

It’s a strong contender in the market, holding its own against free alternatives by emphasizing ease of use and comprehensive functionality. Whether you’re a professional needing to switch between presets for different tasks or a casual user tired of fumbling for monitor buttons, DisplayBuddy could be the smart control center you need.