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Parties for WWDC

An essential iOS app for anyone attending WWDC. Parties for WWDC is an aggregator of parties and events happening in San Francisco during the week of WWDC. Beyond the conference itself, WWDC is an opportunity for developers socialise, and so countless events are organised to give attendees a space to meet. Parties for WWDC makes sure you don’t miss out on any of the events, from parties and presentations to meet ups and hikes, by listing events my day and location, and providing all the information you need to register and attend.

screenshot of Parties for WWDC

Other similar tools

Awesome Mobile Conferences

A curated list of the best conferences focusing on mobile app development. Awesome Mobile Conferences currently includes over 40 upcoming events in more than 15 countries around the world. You can also keep up to date when new conferences are added using the Android or iOS apps with push notifications. If there is a great conference that you know about that isn’t already on the list, they are accepting pull requests for contributions […]

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WWDC for macOS

An unofficial app for macOS, that lets you watch WWDC sessions on your Mac and do much more. WWDC for macOS shows the schedule for all of this year’s sessions which will be live streamed, ready to watch when they go live. You also get searchable access to all videos from previous years. You can search by session titles, descriptions, and phrases from what the presenter said, so you can jump right to the point in the session where your searched word/phrase appears. Text transcripts are provided by ASCIIWWDC so you can see and search through the text while watching the videos. […]

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An easy way to connect with fellow developers during WWDC. is a group on LINE HERE organised by Felix Krause that lets people heading to San Francisco for WWDC broadcast their location to other attendees with the aim of helping people spontaneously meet nearby developers or join other groups. But don’t worry, you can disable sharing of your location in the LINE HERE app while still being able to see all the other developers so your can still stay private when you need to. […]

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Release Notes

A conference by the creators of the Release Notes podcast. Unlike many other developer conferences, Release Notes focuses on everything else you need to know to build a business around iOS and Mac development. The inaugural conference will be held this October in Indianapolis, IN and will feature some of the most experienced entrepreneurs and leaders in our community. The speaker lineup includes podcaster, Myke Hurley, prolific iOS developer, David Smith, Georgia Dow from iMore and many more. […]

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