Codye Review

Codye main image

What is Codye?

Codye is a macOS developer tool for exporting your code to different presentation formats.

What does Codye do?

The tool allows you to enter and edit a snippet of code, controlling lots of aspects of its appearance, including:

  • Theme: use over 100 built-in themes, import from Xcode, or even create your own hand-picked themes.
  • Background: select a solid, gradient, blurred, or image background to frame your code.
  • Window options: use solid or blur style, and customize the window buttons, padding, and margin.

Codye then offers a variety of export formats:

  • PNG & JPG: Best for presentations and social media
  • RTF: Best for presentations. This is ideal for creating animated transitions in Keynote.

The tool also offers the ability to automate the creation of screenshots via Shortcuts. This makes it compatible as a system action, via the command line, or even based on other triggers.

Codye Pros

  • Lots of built-in options
Codye options

Codye has 180 languages and 100 built-in themes as well as 12 fonts, making it easy to integrate into your projects without lots of effort.

Since the tool is a native macOS app, it also has the option to use custom fonts.

  • Theme customisation
Codye customization

The app allows you to customize any of the built-in themes to create new code themes.

  • Automation

Thanks to its Shortcuts integration, Users can automate in a variety of ways. This includes command line tools, system services, and Finder Quick actions.

Here’s an example where you can quickly save a snippet from your currently selected text in any other application by way of a keyboard shortcut:

Codye Cons

  • macOS Only

This is a native macOS app, which comes with advantages but is also not available in other operating systems. Other alternatives are web-based, so they do offer this option.

  • Not great for code editing

Codye is best for 1-200 line code snippets, but its editor is quite limited regarding larger snippets of code. 

Performance can be bad, and there is no support for automatic indentation or multiple cursors, which are expected in other code editors.

How much does Codye cost?

Codye has a one-time purchase of $18.99 (and equivalent in other currencies).


Codye’s competitors and similar apps are:

  • Snippet, another native macOS tool by Seb Vidal
  •, a web-based tool made by Raycast
  • snappify, an animation-rich tool.
  • Carbon, probably the most popular option at the moment.