Screen Sizes Review

Screen Sizes

Screen Size is a comprehensive tool to figure how to create and choose the right asset size for your applications.

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DisplayBuddy Review


DisplayBuddy is an external monitor control hub for macOS and MS Windows users who wish to adjust settings or even switch off their monitors.

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UIViewKit Review

UiviewKit feature image

UIViewKit is an iOS framework to write, preview, and debug UIViews by recreating a Swift-like environment for coders.

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Codye Review

Codye feature image

Codye lets coders to showcase their code in images, websites, etc., by exporting the code to different presentation formats.

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Type Review

Type feature image

Type lets macOS users take notes without interrupting the workflow. It's intuitive, quick to use, and offers customization options.

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ScanTexter Review

ScanText is an intuitive OCR app that lets you scan and extract text from an image. The application can then also translate the text.

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Fabula Review

Fabula for SwiftUI is a source package that enables iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS developers to share and communicate with each other.

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