Editor's Notes

Timing is my favourite time tracking app. Not only does it automatically track your time in different apps, it also provides a wealth of information and visualization about your time spent!

Timing Overview

Stay on Top of Your Time. Without Timers.
Just keep focusing on your work while Timing records your time automatically, then review your time when you want to.

Record time faster than ever with just a few clicks.
See when you worked on what and how productive you were.

Never worry about inaccurate timesheets again.
Timing automatically tracks your work, so you can reproduce exactly what you worked on at any given time.

This means that Timing produces timesheets you can trust, even when you forget to start a timer.

Save time with smart suggestions.
Simply assign your time via drag and drop, then use the timeline's smart suggestions to combine blocks of time that belong together.

You have never accounted for so much time with so few clicks!

Privacy-friendly time tracking for teams.
Your team members can report time towards shared projects; you view their reports in the Timing web app.

Team admins only see aggregate times associated with team projects. No personal times or private details are shared.

Automate your time tracking.
Timing is designed from the ground up to help you save time through automation.

Besides the automatic time tracking and smart suggestions, you can create rules by ⌥-dragging to automate assignments.

Over time, Timing will save you hours of manual categorization effort, not to mention all the time you’d normally spend starting and stopping manual timers.