Shortery Overview

Shortcut Automation for your Mac

Run your Shortcuts automatically with Shortery.

Tired of manually executing a shortcut every morning when starting to work? Just add the shortcut to Shortery and let it run automatically.

Shortery offers several different triggers to run a shortcut:

  • Application - Run a shortcut when you start or quit an app or when the app becomes active / inactive.
  • Devices - Run a shortcut when you connect or disconnect any USB, Bluetooth device or your headphones.
  • Monitors - Trigger a shortcut, when you connect or disconnect a monitor.
  • WiFi - Run a shortcut when your WiFi connection changes.
  • Time - Set a time when the Shortcut should run and define how often it should be repeated.
  • Wake Up & Sleep - Run Shortcuts before your Mac goes to sleep or after it wakes up.
  • Login & Logout - How about your Mac greeting you in the morning and telling you about your current day? Use the Login-Trigger to get your day started.
  • Keyboard - Need direct access to a Shortcut? Define a global hotkey and trigger it from any app.
  • Appearance - Run a Shortcut when your Mac changes from dark to light mode or light to dark mode.
  • Power - Run a Shortcut when you plug in a power adapter or your battery capacity runs low.
  • Screen - Triggers a shortcut, when you lock or unlock your screen.