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Quick Look Plugins Overview

An excellent collection of useful Quick Look plugins for developers. Each Quick Look plugin can be downloaded and installed manually or installed using Homebrew Cask. My favourites are QLColorCode which allows you to preview source code files with syntax highlighting, QLMarkdown for previewing Markdown files in their HTML form, and QuickLookJSON for previewing JSON files with pretty formatting and collapsible sections. The repository owner is also accepting pull requests so you can suggest your own plugins.

Quick Look Plugins latest README

Quick Look plugins Awesome

List of useful Quick Look plugins for developers


Using Homebrew

  • Run brew install <package>

Install all

brew install qlcolorcode qlstephen qlmarkdown quicklook-json qlimagesize suspicious-package apparency quicklookase qlvideo
Catalina notes

To get plugins working in Catalina, you will need to remove the quarantine attribute.

Run this to see the attributes:

xattr -r ~/Library/QuickLook

And run this to remove the attributes:

xattr -d -r com.apple.quarantine ~/Library/QuickLook


  • Click "download manually"
  • Move the downloaded .qlgenerator file to ~/Library/QuickLook
  • Run qlmanage -r



Preview source code files with syntax highlighting

Run brew install qlcolorcode or download manually


Preview plain text files without or with unknown file extension. Example: README, CHANGELOG, index.styl, etc.

Run brew install qlstephen or download manually


Preview Markdown files

Run brew install qlmarkdown or download manually


Preview JSON files

Run brew install quicklook-json or download manually


Preview archives

Note: The BetterZipQL plugin was integrated with the BetterZip app.

Run brew install betterzip to install the BetterZip app and its Quick Look plugin or download manually

The legacy BetterZipQL plugin can be downloaded here.


Display image size and resolution

Run brew install qlimagesize or download manually

Suspicious Package

Preview the contents of a standard Apple installer package

Run brew install suspicious-package or download manually


Preview the contents of a macOS app

Run brew install apparency or download manually


Preview Adobe ASE Color Swatches generated with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Color CC, Spectrum, COLOURlovers, Prisma, among many others.

Run brew install quicklookase or download manually


Preview most types of video files, as well as their thumbnails, cover art and metadata

Run brew install qlvideo or download manually


These are not included in Install all.

Peek 💰

Peek allows you to copy and find text, jump to line numbers, render Github-flavored Markdown with a generated table of contents, restore scroll positions, highlight syntax, & more in the Quick Look previews of over 300 file extensions.

Purchase on the Mac App Store


Preview iOS / macOS app and provision information

Run brew install provisionql or download manually


Preview Android APK files

Run brew install quicklookapk or download manually


Preview Adobe Photoshop pattern files

Run brew install quicklook-pat or download manually


Preview WebP images

NOTE: This is already covered by qlImageSize, so this plugin is listed here only in case you do not like qlImageSize.

Run brew install webpquicklook or download manually


Preview many different source code files

Run brew install --cask --no-quarantine syntax-highlight or download manually

Note: This might overwrite some other Quick Look plugins.



To the extent possible under law, Sindre Sorhus has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.