Keystroke Pro Overview

Show your audience which keys you press! Keystroke Pro provides stunningly elegant keycap visualizations that let your viewers follow along with ease. It’s the perfect tool for screen sharers, meeting hosts, tutorial creators and presenters—anyone who teaches or demonstrates software on a Mac.

Inspired by the geeky mechanical keyboard modding culture, Keystroke Pro brings vast virtual keycap customization options to the digital counterpart.

  • Change key styles, colors and sizes
  • Select one of the beautiful keypress animations
  • Multimonitor support: Select predefined positions on one or multiple screens where your key presses will be visualized
  • Customize how long your key presses remain visible

Demo your screen like a pro!

Even more features:
  • Display modes: Do you want to display all keystrokes or modifier shortcuts only?
  • Quick toggle: Use a global hot key or option-click on the app icon
  • Autostart: Launch the app automatically on login
  • Compatibility: Works great with screen sharing apps like iMessage, Zoom, Google Hangout or Skype (Please share your entire screen, not only one application window!)
  • Optimized for macOS 11 (Big Sur) and macOS 12 (Monterey)
  • Optimized for Mac with M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max (Apple Silicon)

I, the developer, believe that privacy is a human right. Keystroke Pro does not collect any analytics data. It is not able to connect to the internet due to self-imposed restrictions that are managed by the operating system. All of your key press input and data remains offline, on your computer, where it belongs.

Note: To protect your privacy, Keystroke Pro will not display your keyboard input when typing within a secure password text field.

If you enjoy the app, please consider leaving a review! It’s a great way to support indie developers like yours truly. Feel free to drop me a message if you’d like to share a feature suggestion or improvement idea: