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A hosted, automated, customisable status page service. Hund offers several infrastructure integrations including Amazon Web Services, Pingdom, New Relic, and more, to constantly monitor the availability of your web service. Unlike other status pages that require manual changes, Hund updates automatically and can be configured to notify your audience of any issues by email, RSS and Twitter. You also get detailed performance metrics and historical uptime charts, and the status page styling can be customised to match your brand.

Hund Overview

Versatile Service Monitoring & Communication
Monitor services and keep your audience informed of status changes automatically with a status page powered by Hund.

Flexible, Streamlined Communication

Automated, Multi-Channel Notifications
Hund provides a variety of integrations for automatically notifying your audience whenever service statuses change.

With notifier subscription controls, you may curate your subscribers: adding, deleting, and modifying them as you see fit. Choose what subscribers listen to, or leave it up to them.

Inform Your Audience
With Hund, your status page can be both manually and automatically updated when problems arise.

Create issues to give your audience a comprehensive explanation of downtime, maintenance, etc. from start to finish. Optionally override the automatic state of an issue’s affected components for even greater flexibility.

Track Your Performance In Real Time

Automated Service Statuses
Hund's in-house monitoring platform provides automatic updates for any ICMP-enabled server, HTTP/S endpoint, TCP/UDP port, or DNS query.

Leverage a supported third-party monitor such as AWS CloudWatch, PagerDuty, Pingdom, and New Relic; or, build your own monitors using our Webhook integration, complete with an optional dead-man switch for reporting downtime when you cannot.

Rich Detailed Metrics
Metrics help provide insight into the performance of your services, whether it be a response time, Apdex rating, uptime percentage, incident bar graph, or anything else.

We support shipping custom metrics in addition to importing metrics from third-party services. By periodically backfilling metrics, your data maintains maximum consistency.

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