DevUtils Overview

All-in-one Toolbox for Developers
Powerful developer tools for everyday tasks. Native macOS app, work offline, and respect your data.

🚀 Powerful Developer Tools
34+ hand crafted developer tools for your everyday tasks whenever you need it.

Fully customizable and configurable.

🌐 Work Offline
Stop pasting your data to random websites online.

DevUtils works entirely offline! Everything you paste into the app never leaves your machine.

⚡ Smart Detection
DevUtils automagically detects the right tool based on your clipboard content. For example:

⚡ 1611241901 → Unix Time Converter
⚡ {"abc": 123, ...} → JSON Formatter
⚡ aGVsbG8gd29ybGQ= → Base64 Decoder
Activate by clicking to status bar iconin the status bar.

🎲 Generators / Decoders
Generate QR code, Lorem Ipsum, UUID, Nano ID, MD5/SHA1/SHA2 hash,... Encode and decode URL string, Base64 string, HTML entities,...

🔁 Converter / Parser
Quickly convert between data types, unit, formats.

Unix Time Converter, Query String to JSON, YAML to JSON, JSON to YAML, Number Base Converter, JSON to CSV, CSV to JSON, HTML to JSX...

🔍 Inspector / Debugger
Easily inspect and debug your data with DevUtils's fast, flexible, and intuitive UI.

JWT Debugger, RegExp Tester, HTML Preview, Text Diff Checker, String Inspector...

🎨 The little details!
💎 Delightful handcrafted native UI
🌈 Code syntax highlighting
🌙 Light/dark theme
🔍 Tool search & management