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Boop Overview

Have you ever googled “format json online” or “HEX to RGB”? Then Boop might be the tool for you!

Boop is a tool that allows you to manipulate text with simple commands. It quickly grew to become one of our favourite tools because of its simplicity and ease of use. No more pasting code in shade online tools!

CMND + B opens up the actions dialog and just start typing what you want to achieve, examples of these actions are:
  • Minify / format / sort JSON
  • Sort/reverse order
  • SHA1 / SHA256 generation
  • iOS localizables ↔ Android strings
  • CSV ↔ JSON
  • Dates to UTC / Timestamps
  • Snake / kebab-case
  • HEX to RGB
  • … so much more

if those actions aren’t enough you can code up your own script to extend its built-in capabilities.

What's good
  • Open Source
  • Free
  • Growing list of actions
  • No more pasting code in shady online tools
  • Small but great in what it does
  • Written in Swift, unlike other apps using Electron

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