Editor's Notes

The #1 tool for managing your in-app subscriptions. I think adding IAPs to your app has never been easier than with Revenuecat. Extremely developer-centric with great documentation and wide range of SDKs/platform-support. More advanced analytics (LTV) and a/b-testing features are on the roadmap!

RevenueCat Overview

In-App Subscriptions Made Easy
RevenueCat makes it easy to implement and manage in-app subscriptions, analyze customer data, and grow recurring revenue on iOS, Android, and the web.

Add in-app purchase infrastructure in minutes
RevenueCat simplifies implementation and maintenance, manages customer subscription status, and solves painful edge cases so you can get back to building your app.

Unlock insight into your app business
As your single source of truth for customer purchase data across every platform, RevenueCat provides out-of-the-box metrics and charts so your get.

Sync data to every tool in your stack
Our no-code integrations make it easy to connect customer lifecycle events and revenue data to the tools your teams need without relying on engineering.

Real-Time Dashboard
Quickly get a pulse of your app business with high-level revenue and users metrics.

Filters and Segments
Easily compare performance of specific attributes like monthly vs. annual subscriptions.

Customer Lists
Cohort and export groups of customers based on app activity or purchases.