Qonversion Overview

Qonversion is an in-app subscriptions tool that helps you drive revenue growth.

Qonversion is a tool that is an alternative to tools like RevenueCat. Its goal is to make in-app subscriptions across platforms easier to implement and manage. It handles everything from Apple’s StoreKit to customer support.

Some of its key features include:
  • Cross-platform and mobile-first
  • A/B testing
  • Detailed analytics (churn, trials, revenue, ….)
  • Engagement automation, sending notifications to customers on subscription events. F.e. sending a goodbye message when your customers trial ends
  • Integrations: Onesignal, Mailchimp, Branch, Mixpanel, Segment

What we like
  • Cross-platform: It is really important to have 1 unified platform that works for Android / iOS, but also has web capability. In this case, Stripe is an option provided by Qonversion.
  • Automation: Sending in-app notifications on subscription events is a very good way of triggering your users to subscribe or re-consider during their journey.