Lifestreet Overview

The programmatic marketing platform built for app developers
Maximize your ROAS through custom deep learning models, full transparency, and complete control

Sophisticated deep learning models
We combine your data with our knowledge to build custom, deep learning models to maximize ROAS or optimize to your target KPI.
Our custom, deep learning models deliver 50% higher ROI than traditional machine learning models.

Complete and centralized visibility
Access high-level dashboard summaries, perform deep-dive analysis, and analyze your ROAS by exchange, carrier, app store, creative and more.
Ensure campaigns continue to hit performance KPIs and are in a position
to scale.

High-performing creative
Drive better results with quality ad experiences.
Our team of in-house creative experts imagine, design, develop and test thousands of ads per month to increase the value of each impression.

We'll test your ads too. We always optimize for the best performing ads, regardless of who developed them.

Quality in-app supply
Maintain performance while acquiring high volumes of valuable users. We deliver 100% viewable ads and minimize fraud by blocking
over 35 types of suspicious traffic at all levels (user, publisher, ad network).