Jampp Overview

The programmatic platform to grow your app business
We leverage machine learning and predictive algorithms to make programmatic advertising work for your team.

Tell us your goals, our technology will do the rest
You set your goals and our algorithms adjust everything (where to buy, how much to pay, what creative to show and when) to ensure your investment is ROI positive.

  • Our platform continuously analyzes contextual and behavioral signals to forecast LTV and in-app conversions.
  • We build and rotate creatives on different placements and automatically adjust bids to exceed your goals.
  • You get full visibility into your performance and ad spend with our dashboard, API and (even) log-level data.
Everything you need to scale programmatic
Programmatic marketing can get extremely complicated. Our technology does the hard stuff so that you can focus on developing your product.

Full Funnel
Run User Acquisition and Retargeting seamlessly in one platform to drive incremental growth across the user journey.

Creative Performance
Combine our creative team’s expertise with our automated testing technologies to maximize the impact of your ad production.

Privacy by Design
Go beyond User IDs. We use behavioral data when users decide to share it but rely on contextual signals for optimization.

Global Scale
Reach every corner of the app ecosystem. You tap into data from over +120B ad requests and +800M mobile users each day.